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Tubular Netting Beading Stitch Tutorial

Learn How to Do Beadwork


Use this free tubular netting beading stitch tutorial to teach yourself how to do beadwork.  Tubular netting is a beadweaving stitch that can be used to make beaded jewelry.

1. Pick Up the First Ring of Beads

Jennifer VanBenschoten

To learn how to do tubular netting, it helps to use two different colors of beads, A and B.

Pick up 1 A, 3 B, 1 A, 3 B, 1 A, 3 B, 1 A and 3 B.  Tie into a ring and pass through the first A again. 

Slide the ring onto a pencil or wooden stick to help you hold the beadwork.  You can tape the thread tail to the stick to keep it out of your way as you stitch.

2. Adding the Next Set of Beads

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Pick up 3 B, 1 A and 3 B.  Pass through the next A in the circle and pull snugly.

3. Finish the Round

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Continue to pick up 3 B, 1 A and 3 B and pass through the next A in the ring.  Repeat until you have passed through all of the A beads in the ring.

At the end of the round, you will pass through the the first 3 B and 1 A you picked up at the beginning of the round.  This gets you into position to add the next round of beads.

As you continue to add rounds in this manner, the beadwork should form a tube.

Depending on how tight you stitch, you may be able to remove the beadwork from the wooden stick. 

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