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Double St. Petersburg Chain Beading Stitch Tutorial

A Free Beading Stitch Tutorial


This beading stitch tutorial shows you how to work Double St. Petersburg chain, a beautiful beaded chain that can be used as a beaded strap for an amulet bag or necklace.

1. Work Regular St. Petersburg Chain

You'll begin this stitch by stitching regular St. Petersburg Chain to the desired length of your finished piece.

It's recommended that when you begin, you use a thread twice as long as you normally would, and that you start in the center of the thread.  You can wrap the excess thread around an empty cardboard bobbin or other thread holder to keep it out of your way as you stitch.

2. Starting the Second Side

If you used a stop bead, remoe it from the other side of the thread.

Pick up 6 of your main color beads (A) and pass through the middle two beads again.  The last two beads should line up alongside the middle two beads.

3. Add the Next Bead

Pick up an accent color (B) bead, skip that bead, and pass down through the next 3 A beads from the previous step.

4. Pass Back Up

Pass through the B bead from the first stitch of the first side. Pass up through the 2 A beads alongside the branch from the first step.

5. Continue to Stitch

Pick up 4 A and pass through the first 2 A again.

6. Add the Accent Bead

Add another B bead and pass down through the 3 A beads beneath it.

Continue to work in this manner, adding units of St. Petersburg Chain until you have reached the end of your chain.

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