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Tutorials by Stitch Type

Beadweaving and bead embroidery are performed by stitching beads using a beading needle and thread. Each stitch has its own name and creates beadwork with a unique look and texture.
  1. Bead Embroidery (9)
  2. Beaded Cagework (1)
  3. Beaded Chains (7)
  4. Beaded Fringe (7)
  5. Beaded Netting (10)
  6. Brick Stitch (5)
  7. Chevron Stitch (2)
  8. Hexagon Stitch (3)
  9. Ladder Stitch (4)
  10. Loom Beading (18)
  11. Ndebele Herringbone Stitch (5)
  12. Peyote Stitch (43)
  13. Right-Angle Weave (6)
  14. Spiral Stitches (6)
  15. Square Stitch (7)
  16. Tila Bead Stitches (8)

Essential Off-Loom Beadweaving Stitches
A list of the most popular beadweaving stitches with photo examples of each stitch.

Weekly Top 5 Beading Patterns
Find out which beading patterns are most popular on the site this week.

Beadweaving Videos
A directory of free beadweaving and general beadwork videos available on our Beadwork site, including necklace, bracelet, and earring patterns and skill tutorials.

Double St. Petersburg Chain Beading Stitch Tutorial

This beading stitch tutorial shows you how to work Double St. Petersburg chain, a beautiful beaded chain that can be used as a beaded strap for an amulet bag or necklace.

Peyote Stitch - Learn How to Do Flat Even Count Peyote Stitch
Learn how to do flat even count peyote stitch by using this set of free beading instructions. You can teach yourself how to do flat even count peyote stitch.

Learn Peyote Stitch - Learn How to Do Flat Odd Count Peyote Stitch.
Teach yourself how to do peyote stitch with this free tutorial for flat odd count peyote stitch. These free basic beading instructions include lots of tips for beginners, and cover how to do the turn at the end of every other row in flat odd count peyote stitch.

Peyote Stitch - Learn How to do Tubular Even Count Peyote Stitch
You can learn how to do beadwork by teaching yourself how to do tubular even count peyote stitch. Tubular even count peyote stitch is a very popular stitch for making beaded bags, beaded bracelets and other types of beadwork. Use this free beading stitch tutorial to learn how to do tubular even count peyote stitch.

How to Stitch Picot Edges on Horizontal Beaded Netting
This chart shows the path of beading thread through picot edges on horizontal netting. To keep correct tension at the end of each row, you slide the picot beads against the beadwork before stitching them in.

How to Join Flat Brick Stitch Beadwork
An explanation and diagram of the Aligned Bead Technique for joining two rows of flat brick stitch beadwork.

How to Read an Even-Count Tubular Peyote Stitch Pattern
Learn how to follow an even-count peyote stitch pattern chart following this easy-to-understand tutorial.

Russian Spiral Beading Tutorial
A Russian spiral stitch tutorial with bead diagrams and example photos.

Spaced Two-Needle Ladder Stitch Bracelet Pattern
Learn how to stitch a spaced ladder stitch bracelet with aligned beaded rungs.

Serpentine Beaded Chain Free Beading Pattern

This free beading pattern for the Serpentine Beaded Chain can be made with any round or oval shaped bead.  It makes a bold beaded chain that can be used for beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets and even makes a fun amulet bag strap.

Embellished Right-Angle Weave Tutorial
Free step-by-step instructions, with diagrams, for embellishing right-angle weave beadwork.

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