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Bead-Patterns the Magazine edited by Deb Moffett-Hall

Bead-Patterns the Magazine edited by Deb Moffett-Hall

With so many beading magazines on the market, it's hard to know which one should get some of your beading budget. This new, CD format magazine from the folks at Bead-Patterns.com is edited by the very talented Deb Moffett-Hall. Full of fun, easy to understand patterns and projects (and more) thos one gets my vote for one of the top beading magazines available today.

One Of The Best Buys in Beading Magazines

It's hard to know which of the many beading magazines to buy these days. They all have cool patterns, interesting artist profiles, great graphics and more. But it can lead to a quandary. Buy the all, you may have little left over for the beads to do the projects! And no beads equals no fun!

If you are forced to choose, take a close look at Bead-Patterns the Magazine. Each edition is full of wonderful projects, chosen by the very talented Deb Moffett-Hall. The magazine is sent to subscribers in CD format and is also available at the Bead-Patterns.com site for subscribers, too. And it's not all recycled material, either! Brand new projects and patterns are featured with excellent graphics and tutorials for stitches and techniques. Keeping it fun is the main goal of the folks at Bead-Patterns.com, and the succeed in ding just that with this excellent magazine. Visit the site today and see what I'm talking about. A one year subscription is just $34.95 for the CD version, $24.95 for the on-line version. You can download the PDF file for the magazine each issue, so you can save it for future reference. A bargain either way for this great new beading magazine. It's hard to wrong with anything from Bead-Patterns.com!

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