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No-Warps Beading on a Mirrix Loom


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Using a No Warp Ends Kit to Make Beadwoven Jewelry
What's in a No Warp Ends Kit

Here are some of the main components of my kit. Newer kits have metal "S" hooks instead of paper clips. There are two texslov cords (not shown) which hold both steel bars in place.

©Chris Franchetti Michaels

Mirrix looms are high-quality, upright looms that you can use for beadweaving or tapestry weaving. Here's a look at my experience with the Mirrix No Warp Ends Kit, which makes it much less complicated to finish off the ends of your beaded jewelry.

Loom Beading and Warp Thread Tails

The main disadvantage of beadweaving on a loom (compared to "off-loom beading," where you sew beads together one by one) is that you're typically left with numerous thread tails at both ends of the completed beadwork. These tails are the unused ends of the warp threads.

Over time, beaders have devised ways to either eliminate these extra thread tails, or to manage them creatively. Examples include the square stitch starter strip method and the handmade frame loom with knitting needles.

These "no warps" or "fewer warps" techniques have their own disadvantages, which you always need to weigh against the disadvantage of leaving all of those warp tails intact. Leaving them intact means that you need to find another way to deal with them, such as weaving them all in individually, using a selvage, or using the warps to make a friendship bracelet clasp (like the one I made for the Infinity Bracelet Weave-Along.

How the Mirrix No Warp Ends Kit Works

The kit provides a way to reduce the number of warp thread tails on your beadwork down to two when you use a Mirrix loom. The kit you need (and its price) depends on which size of loom you own. My loom is the 16-inch model, and I purchased my kit through the Mirrix website for about $38.00.

Inside the kit you'll find two long, steel bars, three yards of a special cord called texslov, and a set of either long paper clips (in older versions of the kit) or 20 metal "S" hooks (in newer versions). To me, the most interesting part of the kit is the texslov cord. It's a non-stretch, woven polyester cord with evenly spaced "holes," or loops. See how it's used on the next page.

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