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Small Beaded Ornament Cover Pattern


11. Complete the Last Loop

All six side loops complete
All six side loops complete.

String 1B, 1A, 3B, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1A, 1C, 1B, 1A, 3B, 1A, 1B, 1A, 3B, 1A, 1B, 1C, 1A, 1C, 1B, 1A, 3B, 1A, and 1B.

Pass up through the first set of 1C, 1A, 1C in the second-from-last side loop.

String 1B, 1A, 3B, and 1A, and pass through the B in the top ring that your thread originally exited, going in the same direction. Pull the thread taut to complete the final side loop.

12. Reposition the Thread

The thread being repositioned
The thread being repositioned (thread path in blue).

Navigate back down through the first side of the last side loop by sewing through the beads, going in the same direction that you initially strung them. Pass the needle through until you reach the B that sits between two As at the bottom center of the loop. Exit that bead, and pull the thread gently taught.

13. Start Attaching the Cover to the Ornament

The beadwork on the ornament and 9B strung
The beadwork on the ornament and 9B strung.

Slip the top ring on your beadwork over the top of the holiday ornament, and allow the side loops to drape down against the sides.

While holding the beadwork on with your fingers, string 9A.

14. Stitch Into the Next Side Loop

Stitching into the next side loop
Stitching into the next side loop.

Pass the needle through the single B that is situated between two A beads at the bottom center of the next side loop.

15. Connect the Next Pair of Side Loops

More stitching
More stitching.

Repeat Steps 13-14 to stitch on another strand of 9B.

16. Complete the Bottom Ring

Bottom view of the beaded ornament
Bottom view of the beaded ornament.

Continue this process to connect the bottoms of all six side loops with little strands of 9B. Pull the thread tight to cinch up the tension.

Hold up your ornament by its top, and check to see how the beadwork fits. The bottom ring of beads that you just completed should be snug against the ornament. This will be the case with most size 11/0 Japanese seed beads; however, occasionally you may come across some 11/0 beads that are slightly larger than most. With those, your bottom ring will be too loose. If it is, remove the entire bottom ring of beads, pulling out one segment at a time, and try again using segments of fewer beads. For example, you may get a perfect fit by stitching sets of 8B (instead of 9B), or even sets of 7B.

17. Weave-In and End the Thread Tails

The complete ornament cover
The complete ornament cover.

Weave-in your working thread by passing through several beads at time, making several half-hitch knots over the existing thread along the way. Be sure to keep the thread pulled tight to preserve the tension in the bottom ring of beads. When the thread feels secure, trim it off close to the beadwork.

Thread the needle on the tail of thread that you left on the top ring of beads when you started the project. Use the same technique to weave it in, and trim it off close to the beadwork.

The ornament cover is now complete. Now that you have the hang of the technique, try it in different colors with other ornaments in your collection.

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