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Alternate Colors
Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Three color combinations using the same pattern.

© Chris Franchetti Michaels

This photo shows three of my color variations for the small beaded ornament cover pattern. The ornament on the far left is metallic purple, and I used size 11/0 beads in pale orange, lined matte green, and opaque turquoise. (These 11/0 beads turned out to be wider than most, and so I had to reduce the segments in the bottom ring to seven beads each, rather than nine; see Step 16 of the pattern tutorial.)

The middle ornament is from the tutorial itself. It's metallic red with size 11/0s in crystal and green-lined crystal, and size 8/0s in matte crystal. The ornament on the right is metallic fuchsia with size 11/0s in silver-lined crystal and matte crystal, and size 8/0s in lovely metallic rose.

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