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Beading by Theme

This new category is a place to find updated beading patterns organized by general theme, such as cultural style, fashion, movie influences, holidays, and bead type.

Winter Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern
Use this beaded snowflake technique to make gorgeous earrings or mini ornaments.

Beaded Ornament Cover Pattern - Small
Make a simple but striking beaded ornament cover for a small size Christmas tree ornament.

Beaded Ornament Cover - Color Variations
See three of my color variations using this free holiday pattern.

Free Halloween Beading Patterns
A list of Chris's growing collection of free Halloween beading patterns.

Beaded Snowflake Video Tutorials
Learn how to make this popular beaded snowflake ornament with our series of free videos.

Red, White and Blue Beading Patterns
An updated directory of free American patriotic beading patterns.

Crystal Bead Patterns
A list of free crystal beading patterns available on About.com and around the Web.

Free Beading Patterns for Hanukkah

Art Deco Beading Patterns
A growing collection of Art Deco inspired beading patterns and projects.

How to Make Russian Style Netted Flowers
A step by step tutorial for making netted Russian-style flowers.

How to Make Russian Style Leaves Using Peyote Stitch
A step by step tutorial on how to create beautiful 3-dimensional Russian style leaves using peyote stitch.

How to Make Leaves using St. Petersburg Stitch
A tutorial on how to make Russian-style beadwoven leaves using St. Petersburg stitch.

Princess Engagement Ring Free Beading Pattern
Inspired by the engagement ring given to Princess Diana by Prince Charles, this beaded ring uses a Swarovski Rivoli and round crystal accents. To make this ring, you will need the following materials: 12mm Swarovski Rivoli in sapphire 4mm Swarovski round beads, crystal AB, 12 1 gram silver lined blue Delica beads, size 11 1 gram...

Hexagon Beaded Snowflake Earrings - Beads and Materials
Gather the beads and supplies you'll need to make some hexagon angle weave beaded snowflakes.

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