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Bead History - Beads in History and the History of Beads

Links to interesting historical information about beads, beading and the use of beads throughout the ages.

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Bead Collection
Take a tour of this amazing collection of ancient and rare beads from around the world.

Bead Museum in Washington, DC, The
Located in Washington. DC, this museum offers exhibits, membership, a newsletter and more. Be sure to visit this fine facility next time you visit our Nation's Capitol.

Bead Site, The
All kinds of fascinating information on beads; historical, practical and simply interesting. A huge site, with lots of interesting content.

Beads and Manhattan Island
Discussion of the lore of the sale of Manhattan Island.

Bead History
Excellent collection of articles covering bead history and the history of beads.

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Articles & Resources

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Glass Encyclopedia, The
Absolutely exhaustive research and information on all types and kids of glass. Good entries on beads and marbles, but do not miss the other information. Excellent site.

Corning Glass Museum
A wonderful on-line glass experience. Be sure to look at the Gallery, and explore some of the great programs that are listed. And, if you're ever in the neighborhood, check out the "rent space" opportunity!

Inside Purses by The Beadwrangler
An exhaustive research site dedicated to purses; knitted, crocheted, beaded and metal mesh. This is the place to look if you are interested in creating heirloom-quality pieces, or have an heirloom bag and want more info.

Myanmar Traditional Beads on Display
Traditional beads and jewelry from Myanmar with good information and photographs.

Seed Bead History
From The Bead Site. This is a very good overview of the long history of beads, and includes links to other sources.

Plains Indian Culture and the Use of Trade Beads
Picture of some of the types of trade beads used in the Americas after 1492.

South African Museum - Art of Ndebele
Great background and information on the beadwork and customs of the Ndebele people of the Transvaal in South Africa.

Zulu Beadwork Language
Terrific deep information on zulu beadwork language, meanings, folklore, and more. Fascinating.

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