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Valentine's Day Free Bead Patterns

Free Bead Patterns Perfect for Valentine's Day Gifts


Rosebud Heart Bead Pattern

Rosebud Heart Picture

Here are some wonderful free bead patterns for Valentines Day

  • Flying in on wings of pure white, this Sufi Winged Heart Pendant makes a heartfelt Valentine's greeting for a loved one.

  • This sweet little Rosebud Heart Pendant links together two perfect rosebuds to create a sentimental heart pendant.

  • This Heart of Gold Amulet Bag by Carole Sweet of The Beadgang remains one of my all-time favorite patterns, with hearts in black, gold, and pink, it is a perfect blend of chic and sweet.

  • Dona Anderson's Floating Hearts Amulet Bag is done in Two-Drop Peyote Stitch, which speeds up the beading process, giving you more time to bead other hearts for your favorite Valentine.

  • It's not a heart pattern, but I think this delightful Amulet bag, edges with a bright bouquet of Forget Me Not flowers makes this an ideal bead pattern for those who prefer a symbol other than a heart to express their feelings.

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