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Golden Wreath Beaded Pendant Tutorial


11. Reinforce the Edges of the Medallion

Reinforce the Outermost Round
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

To reinforce and further stiffen the outside edge of the medallion, pass through all of the C (in sets of six) and the single Ds in the outermost round one more time. Pull the thread taut.

This completes the medallion portion of the pendant.

12. Stitch On a Bail

Beaded Butterfly Bail
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Bring the needle out of the outermost round in the middle of one of the sets of 6C (that is, with 3C on either side of the thread's exist point). Follow the directions for a beaded butterfly bail to stitch on a bail. Use a B (drop bead) as the base bead and Cs for the "wings."

Tip: If you plan to hang your pendant from the Bejeweled rope (link below), stitch 17 C beads in each wing of the butterfly bail. Otherwise, make the bail large enough to slip over the necklace chain or beaded rope of your choice.

13. Complete Your Pendant

Completed Pendants
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Weave in and end both thread tails.

String your pendant onto a necklace chain or beaded rope, and enjoy!

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