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Double Bugle Beaded Chain Free Beading Pattern

A Free Beading Pattern for a Delicate Beaded Chain


This easy beaded chain uses bugle beads and seed beads stitched together in a variation of right angle weave.  It's a sturdy beaded chain that makes a beautiful and delicate beaded necklace or bracelet, and also works well as a beaded amulet bag strap. 

1. Materials Needed

For an 18 inch beaded chain, you will need the following beads and materials:

  • 10 grams bugle beads, 7mm
  • 5 grams seed beads, size 11
  • 5 grams seed beads, size 15
  • Clasp of your choice
  • Fireline beading thread, 6 lb. test
  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter

*Note: Sort through your bugle beads before beginning this project.  Remove and/or discard any bugle beads with sharp, jagged or broken edges - these will eventually wear through your beading thread.  You may also use a nail file to gently file down the edges of your bugle beads before you begin stitching.  Always remember to do any filing of glass beads in a small dish or water to prevent glass dust in the air and to prevent the bead from breaking. 

2. Getting Started - Attaching the Clasp

Jennifer VanBenschoten

To begin the double bugle beaded chain, pick up 5 size 15 seed beads, one half of your clasp, and 5 size 15 seed beads.  Tie into a ring with an overhand or square knot.  Pass needle and thread through the seed beads twice more to reinforce and strengthen.

3. Starting the Chain

Exiting one of the size 15 beads from the previous step, pick up:

  • 1 size 15 bead
  • 1 bugle bead
  • 1 size 15 bead
  • 1 size 11 bead
  • 1 size 15 bead
  • 1 bugle bead
  • 1 size 15 bead

Pass through the bead you exited at the beginning of this step and through the first size 15 and bugle bead you picked up.  Skip the next 3 beads (size 15, size 11 and size 15) and pass down through the next bugle bead.  Pass up through the first bugle bead and pull snugly so that the bugle beads line up next to each other.

Pass through the next size 15 and the size 11 bead.  You are now ready to add the next unit.

4. Adding the Next Unit

Jennifer VanBenschoten

For each unit, pick up the same set of beads as described in Step 3.  Remember to always make a thread pass through just the bugles to make sure that they snug up against each other.

5. Attach the Other Half of the Clasp

After you have completed the desired length of the beaded chain (don't forget to take into account the size of your clasp when figuring the total length of the beaded chain), stitch through beads so that you are exiting the size 11 seed bead of the last unit you stitched.

Pick up 5 size 15 seed beads, the other half of the clasp, and 5 size 15 seed beads.  Pass through the size 11 seed bead again and pull snugly to form a loop.  Repeat the thread path an additional two or three times to strengthen and reinforce.

Weave the working thread into the beaded chain, tying a few half-hitch knots as you go.  Trim the thread close to the beadwork. 

Weave in the tail thread on the other side of the beaded chain.

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