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Beaded Ropes - Free Beading Patterns Made with Beaded Ropes

Free beading patterns for bracelets and necklaces


Beaded ropes can be made using either a tubular version of a flat beading stitch or by using a beading stitch that has no flat variation such as spiral rope.  Either way, they work up quickly into beautiful beaded jewelry, and can be used for other things like purse handles or beaded embellishments for clothing.  Here are some beaded rope jewelry projects to get you going!

1. Summer Forest Double Spiral Rope and Pendant Necklace

Jennifer VanBenschoten

This necklace uses two colors of seed beads that reflect the colors of the etched shell pendant.  Lightweight and comfortable to wear, this is a great introduction to double spiral rope.

2. Dutch Spiral and Leafy Green Ceramic Slide Necklace

Jennifer VanBenschoten

This project requires a little more of a time committment, but the results are outstanding.  Accent a substantial Dutch Spiral rope with a handmade ceramic leafy slide, accented with 14k gold.

3. Dragonfly Ceramic Slide and Tubular Right Angle Weave Necklace

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Another project that requires a little more time, this is a great introduction to working tubular right angle weave.  The handmade ceramic slide makes this piece both sophisticated and fun!

4. Beachcomber Twisted Herringbone Bracelet

Jennifer VanBenschoten

A fast and easy bracelet that uses gold seashore charms to capture your favorite memories of summers at the beach.

5. Copper Leaf Dutch Spiral Bracelet

Jennifer VanBenschoten

Use a large, funky copper leaf clasp as the focal point for this fun bracelet.

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