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Wreath Pendant Pattern Variations


Examples Using Gold 6mm Beads
Beaded Earrings and Pendants

A collection of earrings and pendants stitched using the golden wreath pendant pattern. (Please click to enlarge.)

© Chris Franchetti Michaels

You can use the beaded wreath pendant pattern to create necklaces, earrings, and even holiday ornaments. In the photo above, I've used simple beaded loops to attach them to ear wires, strung them as pendants on darkened brass chains, and switched up the bail design to one that uses an embellished two-drop ladder stitch.

Here are the 4mm Czech fire polished bead colors I used:

  • Coated violet AB for the two earrings on the far left.
  • Matte badlands for the center pendant.
  • Iris brown for the upper right pendant.
  • Copper olivine (from the tutorial) for the bottom right pendant.

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