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Beaded Necklaces

This category includes beaded necklace patterns and projects that use a variety of beading techniques. It's updated regularly as new necklaces are added to the site.

Twisted Tubular Herringbone Stitch - Blue Spiral
This free tutorial demonstrates how to give tubular herringbone stitch decorative "twists." Learn how to use this technique to create a stylish slider pendant.

Easy Multicolor Gemstone Necklace
This necklace features multiple colors of gemstone beads and a toggle clasp with a loop of tiny glass pearls.

Bead and Supplies List for the Easy Multicolor Gemstone Necklace
See which beads and beading supplies you need to make the necklace in this free tutorial.

Tubular Herringbone Stitch Necklace
Learn how to make a beaded rope necklace using tubular herringbone stitch and three sizes of beads.

Dagger Bead Fan Necklace Pattern
String this colorful necklace using quality glass beads, including a two-hole, Czech pressed glass dagger beads and fire polished beads.

Beads and Supplies for the Tubular Herringbone Stitch Necklace
Here are the bead and supplies lists for making the tubular herringbone stitch rope that uses three bead sizes.

Fourth of July Beaded Necklace Pattern
Red, white, and blue seed beads make up this lacy, patriotic beaded necklace.

Beaded Necklaces Design Gallery
Browse our gallery of handmade beaded necklaces made by Beadwork site guides and readers. Use the submission form to share your own designs.

Beaded Twist Necklace
This pattern uses two-hole, square CzechMates beads and seed beads to create a short necklace or choker that you twist before putting on.

Tila Bead and Magatamas Necklace Tutorial
String and stitch a lacey short necklace with Tila and Magatama beads.

Golden Wreath Beaded Medallion Pendant
Adorn a chain, cord, or beadwoven rope with this chunky, layered beaded medallion.

Bejeweled Spiral Rope Tutorial
Use this "bejeweled" version of spiral rope to create a slinky beaded rope necklace.

Tila Bead Vertical Netting Necklace
An Egypt inspired fringe necklace featuring vertical netting with two-hole Tila beads.

Miriam Haskell-Style Beaded Cagework
Learn how to create vintage-style, layered beaded pendants, pins, and focal pieces using the Miriam Haskell technique with beading thread instead of wire.

Right-Angle Weave Beaded Waffle Pendant
Learn how to stitch a textural, square pendant that resembles a beaded waffle. Its beaded tube bail is perfect for stringing onto 2mm necklace cord.

Beauty of Spring Necklace Free Beading Pattern
The Beauty of Spring Necklace free beading pattern shows you how to create a beautiful, flowing necklace using seed beads, Czech fire polished beads, Czech pressed glass flower beads, and hand dyed silk ribbon.

Springtime Medallion Free Beading Pattern
A free beading pattern for the Springtime Medallion. This medallion uses colors of deep wine, green and yellow to make a beautiful necklace centerpiece. You can also stitch up several of them and link them together for a stunning bracelet.

Classic Medallion Free Beading Pattern
A free beading pattern for the Classic Medallion, made with shades of black, cream and gold. Perfect for a stunning necklace centerpiece or make several and link them for an outstanding bracelet.

Margie's Medallion Free Beading Pattern
A peyote stitch and brick stitch graph for the Margie's Medallion free beading pattern. This medallion makes a lovely centerpiece for a necklace or bracelet. A word chart is also included.

Victorian Necklet Free Beading Pattern
A free beading pattern for a stunning yet simple Victorian Necklet. A necklet is a very short necklace similar to a choker.

Lade Jane Necklace Free Beading Pattern
A free beading pattern for the Lady Jane necklace made with right angle weave.

Trade Bead and Tibetan Coin Necklace
A set of free instructions to make a colorful trade bead and Tibetan coin necklace.

Holly and Ivy Beaded Pendant
Free instructions to make the Holly and Ivy Beaded Pendant using a square filigree from Ezel Findings.

Native American Ceramic Shield Necklace
Free instructions to make a Native American style necklace with a handmade ceramic shield pendant and peyote-stitched beaded beads.

Fandango Chain Tassel Pendant Part II
The second part of free instructions to create the Fandango Chain Tassel Pendant designed by Jennifer VanBenschoten for About.com

Fandango Chain Tassel Pendant Part I - Embellished Tube
Free pattern to make the Fandango Chain Tassel Pendant, designed by Jennifer VanBenschoten for About.com

Diamonds and Pearls Part II - Stringing the Pearls
The second part of the beaded necklace project "Diamonds and Pearls" designed by Jennifer VanBenschoten for About.com.

Diamonds and Pearls Necklace Part I - Brick Stitch Diamonds
The first of two parts of instructions for creating the Diamonds and Pearls Necklace, designed by Jennifer VanBenschoten for About.com.

Free Beading Patterns
Free beading patterns for beginning as well as advanced beaders that cover a wide range of stitches, styles and projects.

Sands of Time Necklace
Step by step instructions to create the Sands of Time Necklace using vintage glass beads and African sand cast beads.

Easy Netted Necklace for Fall - Join the Motifs
Free beading pattern for Part 2 of the Easy Netted Necklace for Fall, joining the netted motifs together to form the necklace.

Easy Netted Necklace for Fall - Netted Motifs
Free step by step directions for how to make the netted motifs that are used in the Easy Netted Necklace for Fall pattern.

Gotham City Brick Stitch Necklace
Free step by step directions for how to make the Gotham City Necklace, designed by Jennifer VanBenschoten, using brick stitch triangles made from size 8 Delica beads and vintage marquis shaped 2-hole nailheads.

Art Deco Necklace
Make this eye-catching necklace using some simple beaded beads, Swarovski crystals and elegant vintage glass beads.

Byzantine Medallion
Make this beautiful beadwoven pendant using sparkling Swarovski crystals and a variation of herringbone stitch. This project is suitable for an intermediate or advanced beader.

Trade Bead and Tibetan Coin Necklace
Trade Bead and Tibetan Coin Necklace: Make a beautiful, ethnic-style necklace using antique trade beads and Tibetan silver coins using simple stringing and wire-wrapping techniques.

Beading Daily
This is the online forum for Beadwork Magazine, published by Interweave Press. Here you will find some free patterns for beaded necklaces, and lots of beautiful patterns for sale in the Beading Daily Shop.

Bead Patterns.com
A large selection of beaded necklace patterns, including amulet bags, ropes and straps. While most of the patterns on the site are for sale, there are plenty of free patterns available.

Beaded Necklaces by Sandra D. Halpenny
This is the homepage for Sandra D. Halpenny, one of the most prolific designers of beaded necklaces. Sandra uses mostly a netting style of beadweaving to create intricate, lacy and beautifully feminine necklaces.

Free Beaded Necklace Patterns by Dragon
A link to where you can find free beaded necklace patterns by Dragon. These are relatively simple patterns, and the directions are clear and easy to follow. Includes daisy chain patterns as well as free graphs to print out on your own printer.

Free Beading Patterns on WittyLiving.com
This is an extensive list of free beading patterns that can be found from sources all over the web. Patterns range in complexity from very simple to very difficult. There are also patterns for rings, bracelets, earrings and lots of other beaded items.

Summer Forest Pendant and Double Spiral Rope Necklace
This cool, lush Summer Forest pendant and double spiral rope necklace works up a lot faster than you think, and is cool and comfortable to wear in any weather.

Far East Peyote Stitch Pendant Free Beading Pattern
This easy peyote stitch pendant features a funky shape and three bold colors. It was created with a motif found in traditional artwork in the Far East.

Peyote Stitch Bail Free Beading Pattern
This free peyote stitch beading pattern will show you how to make a peyote stitch bail for any size donut. It uses an outside decrease in flat odd count peyote stitch to create a one-piece bail that you can use with a beaded rope or other necklace.

Golden Waterfall Tila Bead Necklace Free Beading Pattern
Stitching Tila beads on the diagonal gives this necklace texture and depth and using metallic bronze beads gives it plenty of pizazz! Try using gemstone rounds instead of the firepolished beads for an earthier look.

Tiny Peyote Pendants Free Beading Patterns
A series of free peyote stitch patterns for tiny peyote stitch pendants. These pendants work up quickly, and can be worn simply by sliding them on to a piece of satin, leather or a fine chain.

Dutch Spiral and Leafy Ceramic Accents Free Beading Pattern
What do you get when you take a Dutch spiral beaded rope and add a set of handmade ceramic cones and a handmade ceramic leaf slide? A beautiful beaded necklace! Dutch spiral is an easy variation on tubular odd-count peoyte. It spirals continuously without requiring the "step up" that is used with tubular even-count peyote. Adding...

Dragonfly Slide Tubular Right Angle Weave Beaded Rope Necklace

If you've never tried tubular right angle weave, this is a good project to get you started.  It's a simple basic beaded rope that works up into a soft and slinky necklace that feels like a woven metal chain.  Accent it with a beautiful handmade ceramic dragonfly slide for a sophisticated necklace.

Hanukkah Dreidel Peyote Stitch Pendant Free Beading Pattern
This free peyote stitch beading pattern is for a pendant featuring a pair of colorful Hanukkah dreidels.

Beading Stitches Used to Make Beaded Ropes
Beaded ropes are fun to stitch up and can be made from any tubular variation of a flat beadweaving stitch. There are also a couple of beaded rope stitches that aren't related to another beadweaving stitch. Beaded ropes are incredibly versatile and can be used to make beaded bracelets, beaded necklaces and beaded lariats. Explore each of...

Hanukkah Menorah Peyote Stitch Pendant Free Beading Pattern
This free beading pattern for Hanukkah features a beautiful menorah with glowing candles. Add fringe and a strap to make a beautiful pendant for a special holiday necklace.

Free Beading Patterns for Christmas
A collection of free Christmas beading patterns that includes peyote stitch patterns, beadweaving patterns and bead stringing projects.

Beaded Ropes - Free Beading Patterns Made with Beaded Ropes
Beaded ropes can be made using either a tubular version of a flat beading stitch or by using a beading stitch that has no flat variation such as spiral rope. Either way, they work up quickly into beautiful beaded jewelry, and can be used for other things like purse handles or beaded embellishments for clothing. Here are some beaded rope...

Double Bicone Crystal Pendant Free Beading Pattern
To make this pendant, you will need the following materials: 14mm Swarovski Rivoli, jet black 6 Swarovski bicone crystals, jet black, 3mm 7 Swarovski top-drilled bicone crystals, jet black, 6mm 1 Sterling silver closed jump ring, 6mm 1 gram size 11 Delica beads, matte black 1 gram size 15 seed beads, metallic silver 1 gram size...

Crystal Circle Beaded Pendant Free Beading Pattern
To make this pendant, you will need the following materials: 30 Swarovski bicones, crystal AB, 3mm 30 Swarovski bicones, crystal AB, 4mm 3 grams size 15 metallic gold seed beads 1 gold filled jump ring, 6mm Beading thread - WildFire 10 lb. test or FireLine 6 lb. test recommended Size 12 beading needle Scissors or thread cutter ...

Double Bugle Beaded Chain Free Beading Pattern

This easy beaded chain uses bugle beads and seed beads stitched together in a variation of right angle weave.  It's a sturdy beaded chain that makes a beautiful and delicate beaded necklace or bracelet, and also works well as a beaded amulet bag strap. 

Serpentine Beaded Chain Free Beading Pattern

This free beading pattern for the Serpentine Beaded Chain can be made with any round or oval shaped bead.  It makes a bold beaded chain that can be used for beaded necklaces, beaded bracelets and even makes a fun amulet bag strap.

Elegant Right Angle Weave Necklace Tutorial
A free tutorial for a chunky, right angle weave beaded necklace. It features Czech glass Picasso beads and gets its structure from embellishments on both sides.

Design Ideas for Beaded Necklaces
If you are ready to take the plunge and start designing your own beaded jewelry, here are some ideas to get you started designing your own beaded necklaces.

Dutch Folk Art Square Stitch Slider Pendant Pattern
This square stitch pendant pattern was inspired by colorful Dutch folk art. It has a tube bail which slides over a 2mm necklace cord.

Design Ideas for Beaded Pendants
Designing your own beaded jewelry isn't as hard as you might think. An easy way to start designing your own beaded jewelry is to make a small beaded pendant that you can wear on a beaded rope or other necklace.

Brick Stitch Fringe Pendant Pattern - Capri Blue Tassel
A free brick stitch pendant pattern featuring long, looped beaded fringe. You can string the pendant onto the chain, cord, or beaded rope of your choice.

Brick Stitch Fringe Pendant Pattern - Celery Diamond
A pattern and tutorial for the Celery Diamond brick stitch pendant. It features a traditional diamond shape, lots of beaded fringe, and a built-in bail.

Beaded Vertical Netting Ruffle Necklace Pattern - India Tree
A free necklace pattern featuring right-angle weave and vertical netting beadwork. The netting creates slightly ruffled focal fringe.

Variations on the Free Beaded Wreath Pendant Pattern
Examples of how you can use the wreath pendant pattern to create your own Russian style beadwork for earrings, necklaces, or ornaments.

French Knitter Necklace

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