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Easy Art Deco CzechMates Beaded Eearrings


These linear earrings feature true deco-style CzechMates two-hole tile beads, along with sparkling crystals and cubic zirconia drops. Stitching them from the bottom up gives you better control over the thread tension than if you start at the tops.

1. Gather Your Materials

The completed earrings
The completed earrings. (Please click to enlarge.)

You'll need the following materials to make one pair of earrings.


The bolded capital letters after each bead description represent the bead key for this pattern. Learn more about the terms and annotations used in beading patterns.

  • 2 cubic zirconia 7mm x 18mm faceted jet teardrop beads (A)
  • 60 size 15/0 cut black seed beads (B)
  • 4 orange 2mm crystal bicone beads in orange (C)
  • 4 CzechMates two-hole tile beads in bronze, dark bronze, or jet apollo (D)
  • 2 Czech fire polished 4mm beads in green turquoise (E)

Suggested Bead Suppliers:

I purchased my cubic zirconia from Beadaholique.

My cut black seed beads are from Caravan beads. Optionally, you can substitute these with size 15/0 round seed beads.

My crystal bicones are from UBeadIt.

I used jet apollo beads that were free samples from the wholesaler Czechbeads.com. This color can be more difficult to find at retail, but you can find bronze Czechmates more easily, and they'll work just as well. Browse the Czechmates supplier directory to find an online supplier.

You can also find the green turquoise beads at Beadaholique.

Beading Supplies:

2. String the First Set of Beads

The first set of beads strung.
The bead stopper attached and the first set of beads strung on.

Please click on any image in this tutorial for a full-size view.

Cut about three feet of FireLine and thread your needle for single-strand beadweaving. (If you have trouble, use your fingernail and thumbnail to flatten the end of the thread before passing it through the eye of the needle.)

Secure a mini bead stopper about halfway down the thread.

String on 1A, and slide it down against the bead stopper.

String on the following beads, and slide them down against the 1A:

1B, 1C, 3B, 1D, 3B, 1E, 3B, 1D, 2B, 1C, 3B

3. Move the Bead Stopper and Stitch the Next Bead

The bead stopper has been moved.
The bead stopper has been moved, and stitching has begun on the other side.

Move the bead stopper to the other end of the short strand of beads that you just strung. Then remove the needle and thread it on the other end of the thread.

Pick up 1B.

While holding the cubic zirconia and the beads near it between your fingers, pass back up through the first C (crystal bicone) that you initially strung. Pull the thread taut.

4. Pick Up and Stitch the Next Set of Beads

The next set of beads stitched
The next set of beads stitched.

Pick up 3B and pass up through the empty hole in the first D (CzechMate) that you initially strung. Hold the beads between your fingers while pulling the thread gently taut.

5. Stitch the Next Two Sets of Beads

Two more sets of beads stitched
Two more sets of beads stitched.

Use the same technique to pick up another 3B and pass up through the E (the 4mm fire polished bead).

Pick up yet another set of 3B and pass up through the empty hole in the next D.

Pull the thread gently taut. While doing this, try to minimize the amount of thread that shows between beads without pulling this side of the beadwork out of alignment with the first side. You want your earring to hang as straight as possible, and not look cinched up on one side or the other.

6. Stitch the Final Two Sets of Beads

The final beads stitched and strung
The final beads have been stitched and strung.

Pick up 2B, pass up through the last C, and pick up a final set of 3B. Slide those 3B all the way down, and pull the thread gently taut.

Carefully remove the bead stopper, making sure that no beads fall off of your thread.

7. Tie a Square Knot and Weave-In This End of the Thread

The first end of the thread woven
The first end of the thread woven in and trimmed off.

Tie a square knot with both ends of the thread, just above the beads.

Begin weaving in the thread by passing the needle down into the opposite side of the beadwork. (Please remember that you can click on the thumbnail image for a clearer view.)

Do not make any knots until you reach the space just before the 4mm fire polished bead. Check your thread tension and gently adjust it as necessary, and then tie a half-hitch knot over the existing thread that runs between the beads.

Pass the needle down through the next 3B, check the thread tension, and tie another half-hitch knot just above the bottom CzechMate bead.

Finish weaving in by passing through the next 3B, 1C, and 1B. Trim the thread close to the beadwork.

8. Weave In the Other End of the Thread

The first earring complete
The first earring complete.

Thread the needle on the other end of the thread, and weave it in on the opposite side of the beadwork. Make half hitch knots, and trim the thread, in the same places on this side.

Pick up one of the ear wires. Use the tips of chain nose pliers to gently bend the metal ring on the ear wire to the side to open it. Slide the beaded loop at the top of your beadwork into the open metal ring.

Tip: This is similar to the technique you would use to open and close jump rings when attaching a clasp.

Being careful not to crush any beads, use the tips of the chain nose pliers to bend and close the metal ring.

This completes the first earring for your pair.

9. Make a Second Earring

Both completed earrings
Both completed earrings.

Repeat Steps 1-8 to make a second, matching earring.

Your pair is now complete!

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