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Dragon Lady Herringbone Earrings Free Beading Pattern

A Free Beaded Earring Pattern


This free beading pattern shows you how to make a pair of earrings using herringbone stitch, size 15 seed beads and vintage glass beads.  These dramatic beaded earrings are actually very easy to make using some basic beadweaving stitches.

1. Materials

To make these earrings, you will need the following beads, materials and supplies:

  • 1 pair sterling silver hoop earring findings, 30mm round
  • 5 grams size 15 Japanese seed beads, hex cut, metallic bright orange (A)
  • 2 grams size 15 Japanese seed beads, transparent royal blue AB (B)
  • 16 vintage faceted glass diamond beads
  • Fireline beading thread, 4 lb. test
  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter



2. Getting Started

Using a 5 foot length of Fireline, pick up 2 A.  Wrap the thread around the bottom of the earring finding, then pass back through the 2 A.  Pull snugly so that the 2 A beads are sewn to the earring finding.

3. Finish the Base

To finish the base, continue to add 2-bead stacks of A beads until you have a total of 16 stacks.

4. Row 1

Work Row 1 in flat herringbone stitch using A.

To add the last pair of beads, catch the thread loop between the last two stacks of A beads.  Pass up through the last A picked up for that stitch and pull snugly.


5. Row 2

Pick up 2 A, and pass down through the next A from the previous row.

Pick up 1 B and pass back up through the next A in the previous row.

Continue to work in this manner across the row, adding 1 B in between each pair of A beads.

6. Rows 3 and 4

Work the next two rows in the same manner, except you will add 2 B in between each pair of A for Row 3, and 3 B in between each pair of A for Row 4.

7. Row 5 - Adding the Drops

To begin Row 5, pick up:

  • 1A
  • 5B
  • 1 glass drop
  • 5B
  • 1A

Stitch down through the next A in the previous row. 

Pick up 4 B and stitch up through the next A in the previous row.


8. Add All the Drops

Continue across the row in this manner until you have added a total of 8 drops.

After you have added the last drop, stitch back into the beadwork and tie a few half-hitch knots.  Weave the thread in and trim close to the beadwork.  Remember to weave the tail thread in as well.

9. Make the Second Earring

Repeat these steps to create a second earring.

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