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Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern

Using Hexagon Angle Weave


11. Complete the Sixth Figure Eight

Completing the last figure eight
Completing the last figure eight.

Pass through the first of the 8/0 beads that you strung in Step 10, and pull the thread taut.

String a 4mm bead.

Pass down through the second 8/0 that you picked up in the fifth figure eight, and down through the 4mm bead in that loop, and back into the center ring.

12. Position the Thread for the Top Loop

The thread positioned for the top loop
The thread positioned for the top loop.

Sew through the snowflake and bring the thread out of a center 8/0 bead in one of the outer loops.

13. Make the Top Loop for Hanging

The top loop, for hanging the snowflake
The top loop, for hanging the snowflake.

String six 11/0 beads, and then pass back through the bead that your thread exits, going in the opposite direction.

14. Weave-In and End the Thread

A half-hitch knot being made
A half-hitch knot being made.

Sew through a few beads in the snowflake, following the path of existing thread. Pull the thread taut, and then tie a half-hitch knot over the thread running between two beads. Pass the needle through the next bead, and tug the knot inside of that bead to hide it. Repeat this process a couple more times, and then trim off the thread close to the beadwork.

Thread the needle onto the tail of thread that remains from when you started the snowflake, and use the same technique to weave-in and end that thread.

15. Attach the Snowflake to an Ear Wire

How to attach an ear wire
How to attach an ear wire.

Use the tips of chain nose pliers to gently bend the ring on the ear wire to one side. Slide the top loop on the snowflake into the open ring. Use the pliers to gently close the ring again.

16. Make a Second Snowflake Earring

The completed pair of earrings
The completed pair of earrings.

Make a second snowflake earring to complete your pair.

Now that you understand hexagon angle weave, you can also try the Hexagon Stitch Crystal Earrings or Hexagon Stitch Cuff Bracelet.

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