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Beaded Earrings With Superduos and Briolettes


These earrings have a unique look that you can only achieve with two-hole seed beads, and they don't take long to make.

Note: This pattern uses authentic 5mm by 2.5mm Superduos.

1. Gather Your Materials

The completed earrings
The completed earrings.

You'll need the following beads and supplies to make one pair of earrings. Remember that you can experiment with different colors of beads to change the look.


  • 20 Superduo beads in magic violet green (A)
  • 32 size 15/0 Miyuki round seed beads in silver-lined rainbow peridot (B)*
  • 22 size 15/0 Miyuki round seed beads in metallic blue green iris (C)*
  • 2 10mm by 6mm glass briolettes in peridot (sometimes sold as green "quartz") (D)
* Because manufacturers change their bead colors often, it may be difficult to find the exact colors of 15/0s I used in the example. If you do have trouble locating them, I recommend the following two similar colors from Fusionbeads as alternatives: silver lined peridot and metallic light bronze rainbow iris.
  • Please email beadwork@aboutguide.com to report any broken supplier links.

The Superduos in the example were a free sample provided by all-beads.cz. This color is also available on Amazon.com from Glass Kingdom.

I recommend looking for briolettes on Etsy. Select "Supplies" from the drop-down menu and search for "green glass briolette 10mm."


Gather your kit of essential beadweaving supplies for this project. I used a size 10 beading needle for the beadwork and switched to a smaller size 12 for the weaving-in (Step 6 below). For thread, I used size D Nymo in sand color.

You'll also need a pair of ready-made ear wires -- I used gold-plated French hooks from Fire Mountain -- and a pair of chain nose pliers for attaching them to your beadwork (also available at Fire Mountain).

2. String an Initial Ring of Beads

The initial ring of SuperDuos beads
The initial ring of Superduos beads.

Prepare your needle and a few feet of thread, and thread the needle for single-strand beadweaving.

Pick up 5A and slide them down to your stop bead, or (if you don't use a stop bead) to about six inches from the end of the thread.

Holding the beads between your finger and thumb, pass through the same holes in all five beads again, and through the same hole in the first bead again. Pull the thread taut to create a ring of beads.

3. Stitch a Second Round of Beads

Stitching the second round of SuperDuos
Stitching the second round of Superduos.

Pick up 1A and pass through the empty hole in the next A from the first round (the initial ring of beads). Hold the beadwork between your fingers and pull the thread taut.

Repeat that process to stitch one A between every pair of As in the first round, for a total of 5 more As. Keep the thread pulled taut.

Please click on any diagram on this page for a full-size view.

4. Make the Top Loop

The beaded top loop complete
The beaded top loop complete.

Note: The symbols "*" and "°" are used below to delineate repeatable steps.

*Pick up 1B and 1C, and pass through the empty hole in the next A in the second round. Pull the thread taut again.**

°Pick up 1C and 1B and pass through the outermost hole in the next A from the first round. Pull the thread taut again.°°

Repeat from * to **.

Pick up 3B, 1C, and 3B, and pass through the same hole in the A that your thread is exiting, going in the same direction. This creates the top loop of seven size 15/0 beads.

Keeping the thread taut, repeat from ° to °°.

Repeat from * to ** again.

5. Stitch On the Briolette

The briolette has been stitched
The briolette has been stitched.

Pick up 1B, 1C, 1D, 1C, and 1B. Pass through the outermost hole in the next A from the previous round, and pull the thread taut.

Pick up 1C and 1B, and pass through the outermost hole in the next A from the very first round. Pull the thread taut again.

6. Weave-In the Thread

Thread path for weaving in the working thread
Thread path for weaving in the working thread.

The beadwork portion of the earring is now complete. To weave-in the thread, gradually pass through one or two beads at a time as you make your way around the edge of the beadwork, as shown on the left. Stop occasionally to pull the thread tight and make a half-hitch knot over the existing thread that runs between beads.

Weave through the briolette again for reinforcement, and back up into the beadwork. When you're ready to end the thread, trim it close to the beadwork using beading scissors or a thread burner.

Thread the needle onto the thread tail that you left when you began. Weave-in and end that thread in the inner ring of beadwork. Weaving-in this thread is slightly trickier; take your time, passing through one A at a time and making occasional half hitch knots between pairs of As. Use beading scissors or a thread burner to trim off the thread when it feels secure.

7. Attach an Ear Wire

Attaching an ear wire to the beadwork
Attaching an ear wire to the beadwork.

Grasp the bottom loop on one of the ear wires with the tips of your chain nose pliers, on the side of the loop that is cut open. Gently bend this half of the loop to the side to open it. Pass the open loop through the beaded loop on your beadwork, and then use chain nose pliers to bend the ear wire loop back into place to close it.

8. Make a Second Earring to Complete Your Pair

The completed pair of earrings
The completed pair of earrings.

Repeat Steps 1 through 7 above to complete a second earring for your pair.


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