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Easy Brick Stitch Candy Corn Earrings


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Bead Chart and Instructions
Easy Brick Stitch Candy Corn Earrings

Easy Brick Stitch Candy Corn Earrings Bead Graph

Jennifer VanBenschoten
To make these easy brick stitch candy corn beaded earrings, you will need the following beads and tools:
  • 1 gram each size 11 seed beads in opaque yellow, opaque orange and opaque cream
  • 1 gram size 15 seed beads in opaque cream
  • 1 pair sterling silver or gold-filled earring findings
  • Beading thread of your choice
  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Scissors or thread cutter

This pattern is worked in two and three-drop brick stitch.

Row 1: Using brick stitch using the opaque yellow beads. Make sure that you decrease on the outside edges of each row.

Row 3: Use the opaque orange beads to stitch a row of 3-bead stacks.

Row 4: Use the opaque orange beads to stitch a row of single beads.

Rows 5 and 6: Use the opaque cream beads to stitch the point of the candy corn.


Pick up 1 size 11 cream bead and pass down through the seed bead next to the one you are exiting. Pass back up through the bead you exited at the beginning of this row and pick up 4 size 15 seed beads, one earring finding, and 4 size 15 seed beads. Pass through the size 11 seed bead again and then back through the size 15 seed beads and the earring finding to reinforce your thread path.

Work back down through the beadwork. Tie a knot, weave in a bit more and trim the thread close to the beadwork.

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