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Beaded Earrings

Earrings are some of the most popular beading projects. Use the patterns and tutorials in this list to learn new techniques and beading stitches while creating your own customized collection of earrings.

Heagon Beaded Snowflake Earrings Pattern
Use this beaded snowflake technique to make gorgeous earrings or mini ornaments.

Beaded Earrings Photo Gallery
A new gallery of earrings crafted by readers and the Beadwork Guide. Submit your own design for consideration today!

Herringbone Stitch Looped Earrings
A drapey pair of beaded earring using hearringbone stitch, looped fringe, and two sizes of seed beads.

Art Deco CzechMates Beaded Eearrings
These elegant, long earrings that feature two-hole Czech tile beads are both eye-catching and easy to make.

SuperDuos and Briolettes Earrings
Sparkling glass briolettes hang from circular clusters of two-hole SuperDuos beads and round seed beads.

Fiesta Earrings - Twin Beads and Crystals
Lacy beaded earrings that use two-hole Twin beads and crystal bicones.

Brick Stitch Hoop Earrings Tutorial - Inside Stitches
Make beaded hoop earrings with brick stitch and metal rings.

Hexagon Stitch Beaded Earring Pattern
A free beaded earring pattern using hexagon angle weave, also called hexagon stitch.

Glamour and Goth Earrings Free Beading Pattern
A free beading pattern for the Glamour and Goth Earrings, made with Swarovski crystal Rivolis.

Hearts and Sparkles Earrings
Free step-by-step directions to make Hearts and Sparkles Earrings, using Swarovski crystal bicones, Rivolis and heart pendants.

O Christmas Tree Brick Stitch Earrings
Step by step directions to make a pair of sweet little brick stitched Christmas tree earrings using cylinder beads and Swarovski crystals.

Cha-Cha Earrings
A free pattern to make a pair of fun brick stitch earrings using seed beads and chunky glass drops.

Modern Metallic Brick Stitch Earrings
Make a pair of beautiful, modern earrings using metallic cylinder beads and some simple sterling silver cones. These elegant beadwoven earrings are created using brick stitch.

A small gallery of beaded earring designs for inspiration on Beadage.net. These include wirework, simple strung earrings, and beadwoven earrings. Definitely worth taking a look at these beauties.

Beading Daily
Beading Daily is the online forum for Beadwork Magazine, published by Interweave Press. There are lots of free patterns available for beaded earrings, as well as lots of patterns for sale on the Beading Daily Shop.

Bead Patterns.com
An incredible selection of beaded earring patterns can be found on this site, including some E-books of nothing but earrings designs. While most of the patterns are for sale, there are lots of freebies, too.

Easy Brick Stitch Candy Corn Earrings
This free beading pattern shows you how to make a pair of brick stitch candy corn earrings. These quick and easy beaded earrings are just the thing to whip up at the last minute for Halloween!

Hip to Be Square Beaded Earrings Square Stitch Free Beading Pattern
Make these square stitched dangle earrings using Japanese cylinder beads. Assemble them with Czech fire polished beads or Swarovski crystals for dazzling shoulder-sweeping earrings.

Earring Challenge - Design a Pair of Beaded Earrings Every Day for a Month
This gallery is for participants in the Beaded Earring Challenge who make and/or design a pair of beaded earrings every day for a month.See submissions

Twisted Circle Peyote Stitch Earrings Free Beading Pattern

These funky beaded earrings are made with easy peyote stitch circles, and then wrapped with two strands of beads: some delicate 2mm freshwater pearls, and a strand of size 15 metallic silver seed beads.

Disco Brick Stitch Earrings Free Beading Pattern
These are easy brick stitch earrings made with hex cut Delica beads, long bugle beads and rose gold metallic Charlottes.  Stitch up an easy brick stitch diamond and then embellish it with bugle bead fringes for a pair of earrings that look as though they belong on the dance floor.

Peyote Wrap Earrings Pattern
A free bead chart for a simple peyote stitch pattern. It can be used as a beaded earring, a beaded bracelet, an amulet bag strap or even a peyote stitch ring.

Peyote Wrap Earrings Free Beading Pattern

These beaded earrings look like something that might have come from Japan during the 1940s.  The little peyote stitch wrap for the large beads can also be used to make a delicate beaded bracelet, a sturdy amulet bag strap, or even a peyote stitch ring.

Easy Swarovski Star Earrings Free Beading Pattern

These easy star earrings work up fast using seed beads and sparkling Swarovski crystals.  They're special enough to wear during the holidays, but are also fun to wear all year round.

Sophisticated Evening Beaded Earrings Free Beading Pattern

These easy-to-make earrings work up fast using Montanta blue colored earrings and simple looped fringe.  Make them in bright colors for fun weekend wear, or use Swarovski crystals for more pizzazz.

Peyote Tapestry Earring Free Beading Patternsfr
Three charted peyote graphs for a series of free beaded earring patterns. These can be made in the suggested colors, or choose your own colors. When assembled and hung from a tiny piece of metal chain, they look like earrings that could be worn by royalty.

Spiral Tube Charted Peyote Stitch Pattern
This is the charted peyote stitch pattern to make a simple beaded bead that can be used for beaded earrings, bracelets, necklaces or other beading projects.

Tiny Peyote Tapestry Earrings Free Beading Patterns

These tiny peoyte tapestry earrings look absolutely regal when assembled wiht tiny bits of metal chain.  Choose from three different peyote stitch patterns, and change the colors and metals used to suit your own tastes.

Autumn Harvest Beaded Fringe Earrings Free Beading Pattern

This free beading pattern is for a pair of colorful autumn harvest earrings, made with a variety of easy beaded fringe techniques. Since the fringe techniques are free-form, no two pairs of earrings will be exactly alike!

Spiral Peyote Tube Earrings Free Beading Pattern

This pair of peyote stitch earrings is made with a simple beaded tube bead, Swarovski crystals and gold-filled beads.  They work up fast and are pretty and sophisticated.

Purple Mandala Flat Circular Peyote Earrings Free Beading Pattern
This free beading pattern makes a pretty pair of purple mandala earrings using flat circular peyote stitch. It's a perfect first project for someone just learning flat circular peyote! If you don't like purple, just susbstitute any colors you like. If this is your first project in flat circular peyote, make sure to use three different colors...

Dragon Lady Herringbone Earrings Free Beading Pattern

This free beading pattern shows you how to make a pair of earrings using herringbone stitch, size 15 seed beads and vintage glass beads.  These dramatic beaded earrings are actually very easy to make using some basic beadweaving stitches.?

Flamenco Square Stitch and Fringe Beaded Earrings Free Beading Pattern

This free beading pattern for a pair of beaded earrings uses square stitch, fringe and Toho triangle beads to make a pair of bright, colorful earrings.  ?Toho triangle beads give some texture to the earrings, while the bright red bugle beads and seed beads add a bright burst of color.

Bead Embroidered Lucite Buton Earrings Free Beading Pattern
Use this free beading pattern as a guide to making your own unique pair of bead embroidered earrings. These earrings use a vintage Lucite button as their focal point, and are embellished with vintage glass nail heads and a vintage Lucite drop. Change the materials and colors to suit your own preferences for a pair of unique beaded earrings!

Beaded Earrings - 5 Reasons to Love Beaded Earrings
I have to admit, I ve never been crazy about designing beaded earrings, and I don t know why. So after I challenged myself to design 31 pairs of earrings in 31 days, I started to realize that earrings are just as much fun to design and make as other types of beaded jewelry. It was a lot easier to make 31 pairs of earrings than I thought it...

Beaded Earrings - Reasons to Love Beaded Earrings
Tell us why you love beaded earrings. Beaded earrings are fun and easy to make, and there are so many different ways to make them!

Beaded Earrings - 5 Design Ideas for Making Beaded Earrings

Odd Count Peyote Fan Earrings Pattern
This earring pattern uses odd-count peyote stitch with increases and bead drop fringe. The pattern is free, and you can customize it with your own bead colors.

Three Star Circular Peyote Stitch Earring Pattern
A simple, circular peyote stitch pattern and tutorial for long earrings. Each earring features three beaded "star" segments connected by segments of single-needle right angle weave.

Shaped Flat Peyote Stitch Earrings Pattern
This pattern for peyote stitch earrings uses edge decreases to create flat shapes. You can embellish the bottoms of the earrings with looped fringe or your own creative beaded embellishments.

Right-Angle Weave Beaded Earrings Pattern - Golden Pink
These casual earrings feature flat right-angle weave tops and looped-fringe bottoms. They coordinate with the bracelet from the Golden Pink right-angle weave bracelet pattern.

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