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Summer Trimmings Cuff Bracelet


How to Make the Bracelet
The completed two-drop peyote stitch bracelet

The completed Summer Trimmings cuff bracelet.

© Chris Franchetti Michaels

This bracelet uses even-count, two-drop peyote stitch, which is a great stitch for beginners.

1. If you're new to two-drop peyote, review the diagram tutorial and the photo tutorial.

2. Gather your essential beadweaving supplies.

3. If you're a beginner, learn how to read a two-drop peyote pattern graph.

4. Get the pattern and gather the indicated beads.

5. Prepare your needle and thread for single-strand beadweaving, and cut an arms' span of beading thread. (I used Nymo nylon thread in size D and a size 10 beading needle.)

6. Following the pattern, stitch a band of beadwork that is your desired length of bracelet less about one half inch (1.3 cm) for the clasp. When you start to run out of thread, stop and add a new one.

7. Stitch the toggle clasp.

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