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Moroccan Coral Loom Beaded Bracelet


How to Make the Bracelet
Moroccan Coral Loom Beaded Bracelet


To make one bracelet that is about 7.5 inches long including the clasp, you'll need the following size 11/0 Miyuki Delica seed beads:

  • About 3 grams in garnet gold luster; bead I.D. DB0105 (A)
  • About 0.5 grams in light peach lined crystal luster; DB0067 (B)
  • About 1.2 grams in opaque salmon; DB1363 (C)
  • About 0.25 grams in matte sea glass green luster; DB0385 (D)
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  • A basic beading loom, such as a wire frame or wood frame loom. (Learn about the different types of looms.)
  • A computer and (optionally) color printer for printing out the pattern.
  • Sticky note for keeping your place on the pattern.
  • Ceramic bead dish(es) or a beading mat (for pouring out your beads for use).
  • A size 12 beading needle.
  • C-Lon beading thread in size D chartreuse.
  • Thread conditioner, such as Thread Heaven.
  • Masking tape.
  • Beading or embroidery scissors.
  • Optional: A thread burner tool.
  • Two jump rings and a ready-made clasp of your choice. The example uses Vintaj antiqued brass jump rings and a lobster clasp.
  • Two pairs of chain nose or flat nose jewelry making pliers (or one pair of each) for attaching the clasp.

What to Do

1. Open and/or download the free Moroccan Coral bracelet pattern.

2. Use the beading thread to warp your loom using the winding method. You need a total of ten warp threads in adjacent warp dents (that is, do not skip over any dents).

3. Pour out a pile of each color of the four colors of beads, and order them sequentially on your work surface by letter.

4. Prepare your needle and thread for single-strand beadweaving. Pull one arms' span of thread, or a little more if you feel comfortable working with longer thread (which can tangle more easily).

5. Read the beading pattern and weave a band in the length of your choice. Remember that the clasp normally adds about a half inch to the total length. If you begin to run out of thread, stop and add a new one (because you're working with tightly fitting cylinder beads, you can skip the half-hitch knots if you'd like).

6. Finish off your beadwork by weaving-in the warp threads and creating end loops.

7. Attach the clasp and enjoy your bracelet!

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