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Halloween Pumpkins Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet Pattern


Pumpkins and Stripes Peyote Stitch Cuff Bracelet Pattern
Pattern chart for Halloween peyote cuff bracelet

Chris Franchetti Michaels

Web image of the pattern chart. (Download a PDF version below.)

This even-count peyote stitch pattern makes a cute jack-o-lantern bracelet for Halloween. Start at the bottom left corner and repeat the pattern to your desired length. Finish your bracelet with a crystal bead and loop clasp. The clasp adds about 3/4 inch to the total length of the bracelet.

If you start to run out of thread mid-pattern, stop and add a new thread. Weave-in the thread tails when you finish your design.

Pattern Download

If you have trouble downloading the pattern, please make sure you have an updated version of Adobe Reader.

Bead List and Key

The following size 11/0 Delica cylinder beads are enough to make a bracelet band that is about 7 inches long.

  • About 2.5 grams of opaque plum; I.D. DB0662 (A)
  • About 1.2 grams of opaque orange; DB0722 (B)
  • About 1.3 grams of opaque white; DB200 (C)
  • About 0.4 grams of opaque black; DB10 (D)
  • About 0.2 grams of opaque pumpkin; DB0653 (E)

These colors are normally available at Fire Mountain Gems.

Beading Supplies

Naturally, you'll need your essential beadweaving supplies. You'll also need size D (or 6-pound) beading thread and a size 10 or size 12 beading needle.

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