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Make a Loom Beaded Mini Amulet Bag


This tutorial walks through the process of converting a length of loomed beadwork into a mini amulet bag. The bag measures about 0.75 inch wide and just under 2 inches long (including the fringe) when complete.

Please click on any image below for a full-size view.

1. Gather Your Materials

The completed amulet bag
© Chris Franchetti Michaels


You'll need the following quantities of seed beads to complete the Amanda Pastel bag and its fringe:

  • About 2.05 grams of size 11/0 Miyuki Delicas in opaque luster salmon (A)
  • About 0.8 of opaque pumpkin (B)
  • About 0.65 of opaque luster chartreuse (C)
  • About 0.75 gram of opaque luster dark pewter (D)
  • 26 Toho 3mm magatama beads in gold-lustered green tea (E)

Look for the Delica colors at Fire Mountain and the magatamas at bello modo.


2. Complete the Pattern

The loomed beadwork completed
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Begin by creating the band of beadwork on your beading loom. In the example, I have completed the pattern and woven-in all of the thread tails.

3. Fold the Beadwork

The beadwork folded
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Begin by folding up both ends of the beadwork into a mini purse configuration. Exactly where you make folds is up to you. You can make a larger bag portion with a smaller front flap, or a smaller bag with a larger flap.

4. Begin a New Thread

A new thread started to join the sides of the bag
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Pull and cut a few feet of beading thread, and thread the needle.

Weave the thread into the beadwork near the bottom row on the back of the bag, leaving a protruding two-inch tail.

Click on the image on the left to see the path I used to weave my thread (in blue). Because the cylinder beads in the pattern are so close together, I did not need to make any half-hitch knots along the way.

Bring the thread out through the last bead in the bottom row.

5. Pass Beneath Two Warp Threads

Needle passing beneath warp threads
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Pass the needle down beneath the warp thread that exits the bead that your thread is currently exiting. Then pass down beneath the opposing warp thread on the edge of the beadwork, and pull the thread gently taut.

6. Pass Beneath the Next Two Warps

Needle passing beneath next two warps
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Pass beneath the next two warp threads on the edge of the beadwork, in the same direction. Pull the thread gently taut again.

7. Stitch to the Top of the Bag

One edge of the bag stitched
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Continue this process, making each stitch in the same direction, to join this entire side of the bag. Stop when you reach the place where the top flap begins.

8. Weave Through to the Other Side

Needle weaving thread to the other side of the beadwork
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Pass through all of the beads in the top row on the front side of the bag, and pull the thread gently taut.

9. Complete the Other Side and Weave-In

The other edge completed
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Stitch to join the other side of the back, working your way down the edge of the beadwork. Use the same technique you used on the first side of the bag.

When you reach the bottom, weave-in the thread and use a thread burner to trim it close to the beadwork.

10. Begin a New Thread

A new thread started for the beaded fringe
© Chris Franchetti Michaels

Pull and cut another strand of FireLine that is about an arms' span long, or slightly shorter. Thread the needle and weave the thread into the front side of the bag the same way you wove-in to begin the previous thread.

Navigate to one of the bottom corners of the bag, and bring the needle out there.

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