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Free Bead Patterns for Beaded Amulet Bags

Many free bead patterns for beaded Amulet bags for you to download or print at no charge. Make Peyote stitch beaded amulet bags and learn other beading techniques with these free bead patterns.
Animal Patterns
Buffalo, Owl, Elephant, Mountain Lion and Penguins are covered here. Make these up as the front of a bag, using a single color for the back, or repeat the design for a two sided Amulet.
Bingo! Pattern by Lisa Ring
Adorable Amulet bad in bright colors - perfect good luck Amulet for you or a Bingo playing friend!
Buddha Amulet Bag Bead Pattern by Mary Tafoya
This serene Buddha amulet bag bead pattern was designed by Mary Tafoya, AKA Aunt Molly.
Cell Phone Pouch Pattern by Rita Sova
Pick up a wonderful cell phone pouch pattern designed by Rita Sova.
Christmoose Bead Pattern by Jeanette Shanigan
An adorable "Christmoose" pattern, from Jeanette Shanigan!
Daffodil Fairy Beaded Amulet Bag Pattern by Ann Scarborough
This charming Daffodil Fairy amulet bag bead pattern was designed by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.
Dolphin Dreams Amulet Bag
This sunny, seaside Dolphin Amulet bag with a mountain in the background always reminds me of Hawaii.
Edwina Delight Bead Knitted Bag by Coy Roberts
Make this Edwina delight Bead Knitted Bag with these excellent instructions from Coy Roberts.
Elephant Pattern Free Bead Pattern by Ann Paxton
Make this incredibly beautiful Elephant pattern, courtesy of Ann Paxton.
Flag Amulet by Cheryl Assemi
One of my favorites, this is a wonderful Amulet bag patterns of a flowing flag, flying freely in the breeze. You can almost hear the sound of the fabric snapping in the wind.
Flag Patterns by Karen Jenner
Perfect size for a small Amulet Bag - make one for yourself or to give as a gift. Fly your colors!
Floating Hearts by Dona Anderson
So sweet - perfect for Valentine's Day, or any other time you want to make a "heart centered" Amulet bag.
Flora and Fauna Amulet Bag by Charlene Hughes
This Amulet bag pattern always reminds me of a cool walk through the woods and of the beautiful things found growing beneath the trees.
Forget Me Not Beaded Amulet Bag by Valerie Hixson
Make this sweet little Forget Me Not amulet bag in Peyote Stitch with Delica beads. Try Japanese or Czech size 11/0 seed beads of a slightly different look.
Geisha with Purple Background Bead Pattern by Sigrid Wynne Evans
Another Geisha, this one with a very Imperial purple background, also designed by Sigrid Wynne Evans.
Geisha with Red Background Bead Pattern by Sigrid Wynne Evans
Gorgeous Geisha with a red background bead pattern designed by Sigid Wynne Evans.
Girls, Girls, Girls
Three "girly" Amulet designs - a ballerina, a figure skater and a little fairy!
Gold and White Amulet Bag in Peyote Stitch
Elegant beaded Amulet Bag pattern in gold and white, designed by Christime Manes.
Grapes and Apples by Bobbi Assemi
Just yummy looking - this Amulet bag features an apple on one side and a bunch of juicy looking grapes on the other. Designed by Bobbi Assemi.
Halloween Patterns - Requests
A bunch of Halloween patterns inspired by ideas sent by readers. Thanks to all for the creative contributions!
Halloween Peyote Patterns
More Halloween stuff: a bat, a skull, a witch and a black cat!
Heart of Gold by Carole Sweet
Soft and sweet, this is the one you've been saving those 24K gold Delicas for. Designed by Carole Sweet of the Bead Gang.
Hibiscus Bead Pattern
Treat youself to a little trip to the tropics with this beautiful pink Hibiscus bead pattern.
Lighthouse by Barbara Elbe
For loom or square stitch, this lighthouse uses color and shading set the mood of a foggy, grey ocean setting in a small piece of beadwork.
Mardi Gras Mask Amulet Bag
Make this beaded Mardi Gras Mask in the traditional Mardi Gras colors, and wear it as am Amulet Bag along with your other Mardi Gras beads.
Mesh Bag in a Variety of Beading Stitches
Make this elegant mesh bag by combining a number of beading stitches.
Moose Nugget Factory Bead Pattern by Jeanette Shanigan
Make this cute Moose Nugget Factory beaded amulet bag with this pattern by Jeanette Shanigan.
Mother Nature Bag by Cheryl Assemi
Subtle shades of green make this rendition of Mother Nature particularly sensational. Designed by the very talented Cheryl Assemi.
Orca Amulet Bag Part Two
Instructions for embellishing and finishing this lovely, watery Amulet bag.
Orca Amulet Bag
Part One of the Orca Amulet Bag, a sweet salute to a divine ocean dweller.
Parade of the Griffin by Cathy Thomsen
This enchanting design is just what you need to add a bit of flourish to your Medieval regalia or castle! Designed by Cathy Thomsen of the Bead Gang.
Pattern Requests - Peyote Stitch Patterns
A variety of animal patterns, as requested by readers.
Pattern Requests Part Two - More Peyote Stitch
More Peyote Stitch free bead patterns, as requested by Beadwork readers.
Sacred Heart Amulet Bag
A beautiful Amulet featuring the Sacred Heart motif and using Milagros in the fringe.
Saint Patrick's Day Amulet Bag
Something a little different, this one honors the Druids with they symbols they revered including the serpent and the acorn.
Seahorse Love Part One
Adorable Amulet featuring two entwined Seahorses! Sweet, romantic and sentimental, this would make a nice wedding gift.
Seahorse Love Part Two
Finishing and adorning this lovely little Amulet of two entwined Seahorses.
She Stands Tall Loom Version Bead Pattern by Margie Deeb
The loom version of the stunning bead pattern "She Stands Tall" by Margie Deeb.
She Stands Tall Peyote Stitch Version Bead Pattern
Here is the Peyote Stitch version of the "She Stands Tall" pattern designed by Margie Deeb.
Simple Beaded Strap Ideas
Use these simple beaded straps to adorn an amulet bag, as a glasses chain or as a necklace by themselves.
Steppin' Out Amulet Bag by Charlene Hughes
Perfect for all you dancing beaders, or anyone who wants to bead a swanky amulet bag in red, black, white and gold.
Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Bead Pattern by Pat Savu
This lovely Two of Pentacles AKA Two Of Coins tarot cars bead pattern was designed by Pat Savu.
Violet Amulet Bag in Peyote Stitch by Catherine Vondehuevel
Sweet and lovely violet amulet bag pattern in Peyote stitch, designed by Catherine Vondehuevel.
Watson the Parrot Amulet Bag by Brenda Whitehead
Brenda Whitehead designed this sweet Amulet bag depicting her family parrot, Watson.
Woven Madness by Connie Bell
Fun zigzag pattern in Peyote stitch, designed by Connie Bell of the Bead Gang.

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