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Square Stitch

With square stitch, the beads are stacked and aligned in a grid. This allows you to create pattern motifs that include straight lines in both directions.

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Flat Square Stitch Diagram Tutorial
A diagram tutorial for weaving beads using square stitch.

End Loops for Flat Square Stitch
How to add beaded loops at the ends of square stitch beadwork for attaching a clasp.

Weave-In Beading Thread With Square Stitch
Learn how to weave-in and end your thread when you work with square stitch.

Square Stitch Tutorial
Free tutorial on how to do square stitch, the off-loom beadweaving stitch sometimes known as "faux loom stitch" or "loom weaving without a loom". Step-by-step instructions with clear photographs walk you through the entire stitch. A great, versatile off-loom beading stitch that you can use for many different designs.

Embellished Square Stitch Beaded Bracelet Tutorial - Island Stream
Stitch up this summery bracelet by adding drop bead embellishments and beaded edges to a band of flat square stitch.

How to Join Square Stitch Rows and Columns
You can use this thread path to sew together two horizontal rows of square stitch. It is a different path than you use to join vertical columns.

Red White and Blue Beaded Ribbon Pattern
Make a beaded patriotic or remembrance ribbon pin using two-bead square stitch and red, white, and blue cylinder beads.

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