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Right-Angle Weave

Right-angle weave is a popular stitch that you can perform with one or two needles.

Single Needle Right Angle Weave Tutorial
A step by step tutorial on how to do the off-loom beadweaving stitch called single needle right angle weave.

Simple CzechMates Bead Bracelet
This little bracelet is easy to make using a single row of a modified version of right-angle weave.

Tubular Right Angle Weave Beading Stitch Tutorial
This free beading stitch tutorial teaches you how to do tubular right angle weave. Tubular right angle weave makes a soft and supple beaded rope that can be used to show off a beautiful slide or used as a beaded necklace all by itself.

Two-Needle Right-Angle Weave Beading Tutorial
Use this free tutorial to try your hand at this traditional approach to right-angle weave.

Embellished Right-Angle Weave Tutorial
Free step-by-step instructions, with diagrams, for embellishing right-angle weave beadwork.

How to Read a Tubular Right Angle Weave Pattern
This article walks you through the process of stitching a tubular right angle weave rope by following a pattern. You can read the pattern from left to right, like many other patterns; but you need to keep careful track of bead units.

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