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Double Beaded Toggle Clasp for a Two-Drop Peyote Bracelet


In this tutorial, we make a pair of toggle clasps which convert a band of two-drop peyote stitch beadwork into a cuff bracelet. The band in the example was stitched using the free Summer Trimmings pattern, which has ten columns of two beads each. You can use a similar technique to make a clasp for a different pattern, as long as you evenly space your toggles (and toggle rings) in relation to the edges of your beadwork.

1. Gather Your Materials

The completed beaded toggle clasp
The completed toggle clasp.


For the entire clasp, you need about 2.6 grams of size 11/0 cylinder beads (such as Delicas or Treasures). I used the following colors of Miyuki Delicas.

  • Just over 1 gram of opaque white (DB200)
  • 12 beads in transparent peach (DB1302)
  • 16 beads in transparent Caribbean teal AB (DB1248)
  • 7 beads in transparent pale green mist (DB1404)

You also need two 12mm (size 5/0) glass bugle beads. I used Miyuki twisted bugles in dark topaz.

Other Supplies

You'll need the same essential beadweaving supplies that you used to stitch up your bracelet band. I used a size 10 beading needle and size D Nymo beading thread in white.

2. Start and Position Your Thread for the First Toggle

Beading thread exiting the beadwork
The blue arrow indicates the place where your thread needs to exit the beadwork. (Click to enlarge.)

Prepare a new length of beading thread (or use a long thread tail), and weave it into the beadwork at one end of the bracelet band that begins with a pair of protruding beads. If neither end begins with protruding beads, stitch one additional row.

Bring the needle out of that first pair of high beads, moving toward the center of the band.

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3. Stitch the First Two Beads in the First Toggle Ring

The first two beads for the first toggle ring
The first two beads for the first toggle ring.

The toggle rings are the loops of beads that the toggles pass through when you secure your bracelet. Pick up and stitch two beads to get it started.

4. Stitch On a Ring of Beads

A ring of beads to start the first toggle ring
A ring of beads to start the first toggle ring.

Pick up 22 beads (I used opaque white). Pass through the first two beads again, and then through the next two adjacent beads. Finally, pass up through the first of the 22 beads again. Keep the thread pulled gently taut.

5. Stitch More Beads Onto the Ring

A second round of beads stitched onto the ring
A second round of beads stitched onto the ring.

Using regular peyote stitch, stitch two beads -- one at a time -- onto the outside of the ring. I used blue beads.

Then pick up and stitch two beads onto the ring, for a increase. I used the pink beads for this.

Repeat this sequence twice more as you work your way around the ring. Then pass into the beads at the base of the ring, as shown.

6. Complete the First Toggle Ring

The first beaded toggle ring completed
The first ring completed and the thread positioned to start the second ring.

Weave into the ring again, and stitch a final accent bead (green in the diagram) between each of the last two pairs of beads that you stitched as increases.

Navigate through the beadwork to position your thread for the second toggle ring, as shown.

7. Stitch the First Two Rounds of the Second Ring

The first two rounds of the second beaded toggle ring
The first two rounds of the second ring.

Stitch the first two rounds of the second toggle ring the same way you stitched them in the first ring, except in the opposite direction; however, do not pick up the first pair of "increase" beads. Instead, pass up through the matching two beads in the first ring.

8. Complete the Second Ring

The second toggle ring completed
The second toggle ring completed.

Pass into the ring and stitch on the final two beads, one each between the last two sets of "increase" beads.

9. Stitch Three More Accent Beads

The three inner accent beads stitched
The three inner accent beads stitched on and the thread being woven back into the band.

Pass up into the triangular space between the two rings, and stitch three accent beads (green in the diagram), one at a time, following the thread path shown.

10. Weave-In and End This Thread

The completed beaded toggle rings
The completed toggle rings.

Weave-in and end the thread by trimming it close to the beadwork. You do not need to use knots when you weave in, as long as you switch direction at least two times.

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