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Collapsible Eye Needle


A package of Beadalon collapsible eye needles

A package of Beadalon collapsible eye needles.

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Definition: A collapsible eye needle is a beading needle made of fine, twisted wire. It has a large eye for use with stringing materials that are thicker than beading thread, such as nylon cord, stretch cord, narrow ribbon, and silk. The eye is "collapsible" in that you can squeeze it down to fit through bead holes.

These needles often last through more than one use, as long as you don't need to pass tightly through beads, which can cause their eyes to break. They are slightly flexible, rather than stiff like the needles used for beadweaving. Collapsible eye needles come in a range of sizes, with "medium" being the most versatile.

Also Known As: twisted eye needles, twisted needles, twisted wire needles
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