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Bracelets may be the most popular beading projects. You can make them with strung medium or large size beads, seed beads, or a combination of sizes. This gallery will include all kinds of bracelets made using various techniques.

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Colors of Autumn Beaded Embroidery BraceletColors of Autumn BraceletCrochet Wire and Bead BraceletInMyBasket Wire Crochet BraceletCalipso Right-Angle Weave and Beaded Netting BraceletCalipso Right-Angle Weave BraceletAmber Islands Loom Bracelet
Think Pink BraceletThink PinkArabian Nights Beadwoven Bracelet and Earrings SetArabian Nights Bracelet and EarringsTila Bead BraceletSegmented Bracelet With Tila BeadsGolden Pink Right-Angle Weave BraceletPink Right-Angle Weave Bracelet
Moroccan Coral Bracelet Made on a LoomMoroccan Coral Bracelet Made on a Loom
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