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Basic Beadwork Skills - Cutting Your Beading Thread
Find out why it's important to know how to cut your beading thread properly and the best cutting ... Cutting your beading thread is an important basic beadwork skill.
Basic Beadwork Skills - Tying Knots - About.com
Basic Skills for Beaders (And Why They are Important) ... Whenever you begin or end a thread in your beadwork, you want to make sure that you tie a knot or two ...
Basic Beadwork Skills - How to Use Crimping Pliers
Find out how to properly use crimping pliers to secure crimps for beaded necklaces and bracelets. ... Basic Skills for Beaders (And Why They are Important ).
Basic Beadwork Skills - How to Make a Wrapped Loop
Wrapped loops are very secure and can be used to make beaded earrings, beaded necklaces, beaded ... Basic Skills for Beaders (And Why They are Important).
Basic Beadwork Skills - Weaving in and Ending a Thread
Find out how to properly end a thread in your beadwork to prevent previous sections of work from ... Basic Skills for Beaders (And Why They are Important).
Basic Beadwork Skills - Loosening a Knot in Beading Thread
Find out what to do if you find an unwanted knot in your beadwork. This basic beadwork skill can prove very useful when beading.
Basic Bead Embroidery Materials - Beadwork - About.com
Information about basic bead embroidery materials that are used to create beaded jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. ... Beadweaving Skills  ...
Warp a Bead Loom - No Wind Method - Beadwork - About.com
A step-by-step tutorial on preparing your bead loom by setting it up with its initial ... How to Warp a Basic Bead Loom - No Wind Method .... Beadweaving Skills ...
What do I Need to Get Started in Beadweaving? - Beadwork - About ...
Beading is a fun, relaxing and rewarding hobby. ... such as Ott-Lites, and others are happy with a simple desk lamp over their work area. ... Beadweaving Skills ...
Free Loom Beading Tutorial - Beading On a Basic Bead Loom
Learn how to weave beads on a bead loom that does not have a shedding device. ... A basic bead loom with a wire or wood frame; C-Lon Bead Cord in antique brown; Size D C-Lon beading thread in gold; Beading .... Beadweaving Skills ...
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