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Tube Looms by Sharon Bateman
Beadwork Product Review
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Sharon Bateman is an extraordinary loom beader. Her designs and instructions are among the greatest. These little looms are her masterworks!

First - there is the "Tube Loom" - designed specifically for making amulet bags. You weave all the way around and take off a tube shaped piece of weaving. Sew the ends shut, and there's your bag! Ingenious!

Then, the "Bracelet Loom" - much like the Tube Loom, only wider around. Used to make a complete strip bracelet, or can be used to make shorter strip pieces, such as barrette covers. Great for ribbons, too!

The "Tiny Tube Loom" is perfect for bags, too, but makes a much smaller finished piece.

Finally, the "Tubaloo", which is actually Peyote loom. Used in place of the traditional paper roll, this makes working over a graph easy. Also, the needle slides right along the plastic, so no more getting the needle caught in the cardboard.

Priced at just $7.95 each, you'll want to own all four of these little loom gems! Great gift idea, too. Each comes with complete instructions, and more hints and tips are available on Sharon's web site, as well.

Contact Sharon Bateman.com for ordering details.

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