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Just think how fun it would be to be able to design beadwork patterns and other fiber arts projects, from the same design program!

Stitch painter allows just that. This is a very sophisticated software package, and has many wonderful features. For use with either Windows or Mac, this program allows you to graph a design using either color or symbols, and will also do a line-by-line printout of the design. This alone is a very handy feature. Also, the Gold Version of Stitch Painter will allow you to graph using colors, symbols and textures, an excellent feature for projects using different bead types and different fiber elements, versus the Standard Version, that will allow you to graph in colors only.

The Beading Module (sold separately) will graph Peyote, Brick and Loom charts, and the Full Color Import Module (also sold separately) will allow you to create photo realistic charts, as well as images created in other computer graphic programs, and various clipart.

This program as a whole is a very sophisticated bead and fiber arts design tool, and is perfect for those who use other fibers in their beadwork, or design graphs for knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, cross stitch, quilting or weaving. It may be a bit more program than someone who uses only beads and does not create textiles in any other techniques needs, but if you are ever inclined to use fiber in your beadwork, this is the program you'll want. And for those of you who already use other fibers, this may be the answer to your textile pattern creation dreams!

Very easy to install, and priced at $165.00 with the Beading Module priced at $30.00 and the Full Color Import Module at $49.00, this program is a very good buy for the textile/bead artist. Also, it would make a great Holiday gift for any fiber arts fanatic in your life! Includes a very comprehensive installation/user manual and smaller manuals for the additional plug-ins. Download a demo at Cochenille Design Studios today and check out this truly cool program! And while you're there, take a look at the great extras offered, such as instruction books, videos, "cheat sheets" and other goodies, too!

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