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Beaded Pumpkin in 3-D
Beaded using Flat Round Peyote Stitch Beadwork

Now, pumpkins!

What You'll Need:

Orange size 11 seed beads

Black size 14 seed beads

Green size 14 seed beads

Size 0 black Nymo.

Size 13 needle.
The pumpkin is made with Flat Round Reyote stitch beadwork. Start with a circle of 6 orange beads. Use the black 14s for the second round. It's important that 14's be used because the size differential is what causes the work to pull into the ribbed pumpkin shape. From here on out, use a black bead whenever a space occurs directly over the previous black bead. Use orange beads for the rest. When you get to your third increase round, use one orange bead instead of two.

Add five more rounds in normal Tubular Peyote stitch beadwork for a total of six. In the seventh round, skip the center space in each of the six sections.

In the eighth round, continue the decrease normally with one bead over the two you pulled together in the previous round. So the round will alternate between one black, one orange, one black, one orange, etc.

The ninth round is normal. For the tenth round, you will skip the center space once again, thus the round will consist only of black beads. Then add a round of 6 orange. Now it's time to switch to green. Add one round of 6 green. Go through the 6 green beads you just added once more to pull them together. Use this circle of 6 green as the base for your stem. Add 8 rows of green then close off the end of the stem by going through the last row of 3 a couple of times. Then weave your thread down through the stem and into the body of the pumpkin to secure. That's it!

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