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Picot Beaded Edging
Beaded Edging for Fabric

You've probably seen this style of beaded edging before. Variations on it are often used to decorate the edges of leather pouches, cabochons and sometimes even to bind the edges of flat peyote amulet bags. It's very simple to do and adds a nice bit of sparkle without having to worry about it catching on anything.

picot edging

Secure your thread to the inside of the fabric just as your normally would when sewing. Try to get it as close to the edge as you can without having the knot show or come loose. Pick up one bead and bring your needle through the fabric from back to front. Again this needs to be as close to the edge as possible. If it's too far away, the thread will show and the fabric will pucker.

Now bring your needle up through the bead you just added so that it lies flat atop the edge of the seam.

Pick up two more beads. Thread through the fabric from back to front once again leaving enough space for one bead next to the first one you attached. Thread your needle up through the 2nd of the two beads you just added.The first bead and the third one should snug up together with the third one centered vertically above them.

Now it should look like this. To continue, simply repeat the steps in the previous paragraph as many times as needed.

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