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Out on a Loom Margie Deeb, 1999

Minoa Publishing

8 1/2 X 11, paperbound, 31 pages, color photos, color graphs. $19.95

This may be the most lush and colorful beadwork book I've seen. It just blew me away, with the use of graphics and photographs. Truly a work of art.

Starting with an excellent loom weaving tutorial, this book just gets better. The graphs used for the instructions are among the finest I've seen, and the instructions themselves make it easy for any beader who has knowledge of loom weaving to make these designs. Also included are ideas for constructing your own loom, and great warping ideas as well.

The patterns are incredible, too. Covered are miniature wall tapestries, amazing bracelets, and, of course, the split loom necklaces. Graphs, more detailed instruction for the split loom pieces and trim tips are here, also. Don't miss the instructions for adding a clasp to the bracelets, this is a fantastic way to do it! Most of the projects in this book are geared toward a more advance skill level, however, this book would be appropriate for an intermediate level beader, especially the bracelet designs.

Photographs of examples of all the projects are scattered throughout this beautiful book. Weavers include such experts as Frieda Bates, Mary Tafoya, Kimberley Price and Susie Hughes, who bring life to these intricate patterns.

If you love beads, and especially if you love the loom, you must own this book, and make some of these incredible pieces.

Contact Minoa Beadworks for ordering information.

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