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Off the Beadin' Path Second Edition Nancy Eha, 1997, revised 1999

Creative Visions Press

8 3/4" X 6", Paperbound, 138, color photos, B&W graphs. $19.95, ISBN# 0-9656476-1-7

In this second edition of a classic, Nancy has thoughtfully included some color photos, and a very cool new type of book binding, a "stay open" spine! This is a great thing. If you have ever ruined a book because you needed to keep it open and flat, you'll know what I mean!

As for the content, this book is full of great inspirational tools. Nancy teaches methods for loosening up and allowing the creativity to flow into your work, and in a practical manner, not just some strange sounding spiritual advise! Not to offend, but I, for one, could use some truly practical creative exercises now and then!

Beading techniques covered are Appliqué, creating texture, edging, crazy beading, and converting embroidery stitches to Bead patterns. Each subject is thoroughly discussed, and graphs and tutorials are clear and concise. The techniques are taught in a very well defined way, much like I remember learning in the more formal tutorial books on needlework from years ago. Graphs and illustrations are very well done, clear and easy to follow.

Two of my favorite entries in this book are the Gallery and the Crazy Beading. I love the use of beads with fabric, and can see a lot of potential for embellishing garments and house wares with the lovely stitches and methods for bead application.

Nancy is a first caliber teacher, and a terrific write. This book is a must for any beader interested in fabric embellishment, or in bead embroidery. A well done volume!

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