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Loom Weaving Bead Patterns

AB Art Glass and Beadwork
A lovely World Peace bead pattern for the loom. 

Bead Artistry Patterns
Absolutely gorgeous bead patterns for the loom; especially the Florals and Fantasy sections. Beautiful Lap Looms are for sale, too.

Lots of bead patterns for loom are available on this site. I especially like the Storm pattern and the Grateful Dead Dancing Bears

Beads 'N Such
Click the "free bead patterns" page for a wonderful bead pattern for loom called "Blue Willow" after the antique dinnerware design. .

Kyal's Free Bead Patterns
Five nice bead patterns for the loom. Especially striking is the Twisted Ropes (as I call it, it is untitled on the site) which I think would make a lovely bracelet. Links to other bead pattern sites, too.

Tatan Ka Beads
Free bead patterns for the loom and tips for beginners, too.

Weaving Projects
Here's the place to get excellent instruction on how to use one of those sometimes annoying (at least to beginners) wire bead looms you find in craft stores. Beautiful site, easy to understand and fun, too.

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