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Patterns - Off Loom Weaving

The Creative Spirit's Monthly Pattern
Designer Chris Philips creates beautiful bead patterns for this lovely site.

Aunt Molly's Brick Stitch Earrings
Great bead patterns for brick stitch earrings, done blank so you can use your own colors.

AB Art Glass and Beadwork
Two new bead patterns each month. And don't miss their great beading books.

Alesha's Unleashed Beads
Beautiful Purification bead pattern and prayer, and a great dragonfly bead pattern, too.

Bead Den Patterns
Bead Patterns for basic earrings, as well as several really great Peyote Stitch bead patterns.

Very cool bead patterns, especially the Celtic Knots and The Weaver. 

Cisco's Free Bead Patterns
Several really cool Amulet Bag bead patterns, and a bead pattern for a brooch, too.

Charlene's Bead Shop Free Patterns
Lots of fun bead patterns here along with a selection of bead patterns in the archives.

Dona's Bead Artistry
Take a look at all the beautiful bead patterns on Dona Anderson's ite. Her beading books are available to purchase here as well.

Another great floral bead pattern, this one for Peyote Stitch. 

MommaKat's Right Angle Weave Choker
Bead Pattern for a slightly different R.A.W. choker, this is a very nice looking piece.

Morticia's Magical Bead Tour
Absolutely beautiful, advanced peyote stitch bead patterns here. Don't miss the beading gallery

Shayla's Patterns
This lovely Goddess bead pattern is in perfect harmony with the season. Lots more Earth and Goddess-related bead patterns, as well. 

Suzanne Cooper's Free Patterns
A new bead pattern from time to time, all of them wonderful. 

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