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The Mirrix "Big Sister" 16" Bead Loom

This is quite possibly the Cadillac of all looms!

Mirrix precision engineered this loom as a dedicated bead loom, giving it the same loving attention to detail and fine craftsmanship as their already well respected tapestry looms. This loom includes every feature a serious bead weaver could ever want. It has a shedding devise, for using the heddles, and many other wonderful extras, too.

It can be used as a "basic" loom, with warp springs for Delicas or 11/0', and there are optional warp springs available for 15/0 and larger beads, too. There is a warping bar kit, for eliminating the warps in back, and a heddle maker for creating your own, finer gauge heddles for use with bead threads.

The loom comes with a shedding devise, and that alone is the most wonderful thing about this loom. Imagine not having to run your needle back through all of the beads in a row (especially a long row) and hoping you didn't stitch through the warp threads! Also, with a shedding devise, you can lay your rows in from each direction, making the waving go twice as fast.

The Mirrix is also completely adjustable, for tightening up warp threads, and can be extended with the optional loom extender kit. The loom stand is just terrific looking, and makes this a sitting or standing loom, and frees up workbench area.

Made from the highest quality material, each loom comes with lots of help, including a video made by owner Claudia Chase, showing exactly how to warp your loom to prepare for weaving. Testimonial from happy owners abound on her web site, and she has created an Email group list, also for Mirrix weavers. It is a delightful and helpful list. Claudia herself answers many of the posts, and is always willing to help those beaders in need.

With all this to consider, if you are looking for a top quality loom experience for bead weaving, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing loom, and to do so knowing that you will have excellent customer assistance at the ready, at all times!

Contact Claudia at Mirrix Looms for ordering details.

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