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Margo Field -  Beading Designer
Beadwork Spotlight Artist

"I started bead in late 1991. I took a class with a friend. After I got home I spent the whole nite (& early morning) sitting on the floor by the side of my bed just playing with the beads. I have no formal education in Art or related areas. My degree is in Pharmacy. For over twenty years I have worked in Hospital and Infusion Pharmacy. Given that the work is stressful and unrewarding, I was always looking for an outlet to satisfy my inner artistic self. Although I had tried painting both oil and Chinese water color, sewing had been my main pursuit. I had closets full of material and closets full of finished clothing - some wearable - some not so wearable.

Beads have replaced the fabric -- but in a more positive and productive manner. I have retired from Pharmacy and opened a bead shop. At Poppy Field Bead Company we sell beads and teach a ton of bead classes - from beginning to advanced. I have found that a really enjoy teaching others. Each of us has an artistic spirit and it is very rewarding to see it surface. Not all of the students at PoppyField become great bead artists but I try to help them get in touch with their artistic self."

Margo enjoys teaching around the country. She has taught at the Bead & Button Show, Bonnie's Beads in Colorado Springs and at the Shepherdess in San Diego as well as many other great locations around the country. Look under Workshops at Poppy Field Bead Company for schedule and also see samples of classes that Margo can teach as workshops.

Margo has also generously offer us this great ring pattern this week. This is one of the most beautiful peyote rings I have ever seen. Do NOT miss this one!

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