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Lisa Ann Claver
Spotlight Artist

My name is Lisa Ann Claver, I've been a bead addict in good form since Spring of 1995.

I began beading to channel my energy into something positive and peaceful. I had too much stress and tension in my life and I had anger that I did not know what to do with or how to positively express it. I bought a book on how to needle weave a variety of stitches and was hooked. I found it very meditative and a great way to tune out and tune in.

My favorite needle weaving technique is Peyote. I love the freedom and the unlimited possibilities of this stitch. The thing I like most about beading is that it is an art form that you can put in a box and take with you anywhere. I've woven many a purse or bracelet at the local McDonalds or my son's DoJo or the park.

I began selling at a few art/jewelry shows and had quite a positive response. Though many could not afford the larger purses I had created and came up with a smaller version of my original larger purses that people could afford. A success was born!

I've just published my first book, of 15 patterns, which can be ordered from my website, as can my kits for my bees and for these miniature charm purses. These small necklace/purses work up in a weekend or less. They make great gifts and I give you permission to make these for "pin money". No photocopying, no mass production. When I'm not beading I'm either running my interior plantscape & design company (15 years now) or playing with my son. We like to frequent Legoland, museums and the parks.

I currently finished my very first teaching classes for Bead & Button and plan to attend again next year. I currently am starting a summer series in beading techniques at the Irvine Fine Art Center in the city of Irvine Ca. I have a summer and fall class in the works. I'll be teaching at the Shepherdess this summer (July), where I'll be sharing my secrets of the Asante' Princess. A moveable beaded "people tassel". Let me see and in the fall I'll be at the San Gabriel Bead Store. I'm busy!

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