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Product Review
Larry the Loom by Don Pierce

This is a very cool loom!

Big enough for your largest split loom or standard piece, but will easily accommodate smaller projects. This loom is also fully adjustable; it moves up and down, can be used flat, can hang over the edge of the table for height adjustment or can sit fully upright on your bench, no need for a loom stand!

Very nicely constructed and a breeze to assemble, this loom was built with travel in mind. It can be stored and transported flat, with a work in progress attached, and will not disturb your weaving. I love the adjustability feature - makes this like 3 looms in one. The warp coils are set for Delica beads and will work with bead ranging in size from 9/0's down to Charlottes.  

A wonderful deal at $89.95, and you can purchase the sturdy carry bag for only $14.95, which you will want as it is perfect for travel.  Couple this with a copies of Don's books, and you'll be a loom convert for life!

Contact Don Pierce for ordering details.

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