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Chris Prussing Hugs & Kisses with a Twist
Spotlight Artist

Right angle weave (cross weaving) is my favorite beading technique. This lariat design uses cross weaving in both its two-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms - a slightly fancier variation of the "hugs & kisses" pattern, plus a 12-sided bead ball (dodecahedron). It’s a good application for two needles, as they eliminate having to stitch through the seed beads twice, so you can zip along a bit faster. Using two needles also eliminates a dangling starting thread, and makes tying the knots easier. However, the Bead Police won’t get you if you choose to work through this design with only one needle.

Lariats are fun - they work as chokers, necklaces, bandoliers, belts, or bracelets, as well as being an easy way to add a little zing of beadwork when you wear a scarf.

The sample lariat is strung on white PowerPro (a braided, waxed Spectra thread, 10 lb. test), and is about 55" long. Figure about 6-7 yards total (more if you’re just using one needle), with at least two splices required. Start with a 30-bead dodecahedron, then continue right on into the "Hugs & Kisses with a Twist" weave, ending with another 30-bead dodecahedron. The sample piece used about 150 fire-polished 4mm beads, 3 shades of 11/0 seed beads, and about 80 3mm artificial pearls. Side-drilled 3-4mm freshwater pearls also work well. Although I haven’t tried this yet, I suspect one could also use cut lead crystal bicones instead of the round fire-polished beads, as the Spectra thread is quite tough and abrasion-resistant."

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