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The Beadwork Bead and Beading Gallery
The Bead and Beading Gallery Page 60

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This version of The Scream was beaded by Ann Schenk.
Hello. Herein lies The Scream.

This pattern belongs to Melissa Wynn and was taken from Bead & Button April '99 issue.

I designed the fringe that makes no sense. When I wear this bag, I want to convey the feelings that you get when you actually look at Munch's painting - hopelessness, despair, anger, maybe some loss of control. I tried to get the fringe to convey some of that.

I did put a small jade bead in there though, to bring some luck and good fortune to those for whom hopelessness and despair are daily battles.

The first day I wore this bag, someone offered to buy it off my neck. I said no, not this one....

This beaded Feather and Necklace were sent in by Walt Wilson.
The Feather is trimmed, the quill wrapped in buckskin, and the seed beads applied using the Peyote stitch. (The feather is simulated Eagle)

The necklace is round Peyote stitch using seed beads and is about 32" long. The silver part of the medallion is a bear fetish. The fringe is terminated with drilled black onyx.

A beaded bag was submitted by Carol Pennel.
My wonderful and beady friend here in Ft Worth TX scanned my bag for me and I thought I'd forward it to the gallery. This is the first time I've done this but all my friends, beaders and non-beaders alike have encouraged me to work up the necessary courage to send it. The skull is one of your own designs and I sort of embellished the pattern myself trying to make the skull a little more holographic and the pattern a little more busy for a dark scary night.

These beaded gloves were created by Kathy Benson.
These are gloves that I beaded. The "gauntlet" part of the glove is solidly beaded. I start off with the rossette in the middle. I use a hoop with pellon to begin and work from the center out. I then attach the very large roseette to the glove and finish the remainder. It take quite a long time to complete a pair. Mostly because I get antsy and have to go back and forth between other pieces.

The following beaded necklaces were sent in by Wende Jones.
This lariat is 36" of metallic medium blue iris 15/0's. It is constructed around a piece of cotton cording using an uneven peyote stitch. The fringe on the end of the lariat is made up of matching beads, multi-colored, matte, delica drops, and vintage Czech pressed glass leaves ( about 1" in length). After completing the lariat, I notice quite a bit of strain on the lower 4" of the piece (weaving was pulling apart leaving holes); therefore, I re-enforced this section by covering the last 4" with a random sculptural design over the top of the original stitches. This gave the piece the strength it required and also gave an interesting texture to the piece.

The choker on the left is a cab of jasper (black, gold, and copper striations). It is captured by size 15/0 matte black seed beads in a netted design. The neckpiece of the choker is a netted design, as well, incorporating size 15/0 gold seed beads at regular intervals. The catch is made with a loop of 15/0's and a faceted black glass Austrian crystal. Further accenting this piece are two rows of looped fringe incorporating black matte seeds, gold seeds, 3mm copper colored faceted beads. and 4mm black faceted Austrian crystals. The choker on the right is a cab of amber and pale yellow colored agate captured by size 15/0 amber colored seed beads, also in a netted design. The neckpiece and straight fringe are constructed with matching seed beads and 6mm amber and pale yellow antique agate beads. The agate beads were found at an estate sale in a junk box and were purchased in necklace form (18" in length) for $2 ~ quite a bargain.

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