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Deanna's Vintage Style Amulet and Loopy Bead Knitted Bags

These are two really lovely and very easy to make bags. Geared toward the beginning bead knitter, they will make for lovely first projects!

Both bags come with complete instructions and everything you will need to complete them. Thread, beads, accents are included, as well as complete instructions and a photo of the finished bag. There is even a nice little bead measurement guide thoughtfully included. Kits are priced at $16.00 for the Amulet bag and $20.00 for the Loopy bag. This is a terrific price for a very nice kit.

There is a huge color selection, and, something I've never seen before: bead color kits, containing only the beads necessary for a bag. This allows you to make additional bags with your original instructions, and eliminates the need for searching high and low for all the proper beads and accents! These are priced at $7.00 each, which is a very good deal!

Accessories are also available for sale on this site. You can purchase thread, Perle cotton, metallic threads (yummy), knitting needles, leaf beads and dagger beads, all at good prices.

If you have been wanting to try your hand at bead knitting, these bags are a great starting point. Give one a try, I think you'll have a lot of fun!

Contact Deanna's Vintage Style for ordering details.

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