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Caterpillar Beaded Bracelet
Beaded with Furnace Glass and Dagger Beads

This is such a fun beaded bracelet! Big and bold, the beads on this bracelet just jump out, demanding attention!  

I got the idea from Kelly of San Francisco Arts and Crafts while I was working with them last summer. It is a busy and delightful bracelet - perfect for warm weather and for showing off a few fun Furnace Glass beads. It would also look great with those flashy metallic dagger beads and some matching round beads.

 Here's what you'll need to make one of your own:

5 - 8mm Focal Beads. I used Furnace Glass beads from Mingo and Asho

10 Sterling Silver Disc Beads or Spacer Bead

144 Large Dagger Beads in a color to match your Furnace Glass Beads

45 Inches of Fine (.012) Beading Wire, cut into 3 - 15 inch pieces

2 Sterling Crimp Beads

Sterling Toggle Clasp

Crimping Tool

Begin by placing two of your your crimp beads on all three strands of your beading wire and crimping it to the toggle clasp. Since you will be using a small diameter wire, it should all easily fit through the crimps and the double crimps will hold it securely. Ass a silver spacer, a Furnace Glass bead and another silver spacer to the three wires.

Now, working with each wire individually, place 12 of the dagger beads on each wire. When you have all three wires done, place another silver spacer bead over all three wires, then a Furnace Glass bead, then another silver spacer. Repeat the process until you have added all of your beads to the wires.

Once you have added all of the dagger and furnace glass beads, add your two remaining crimp beads, the other half of the clasp and then pass back through the crimp beads again. Be sure to pull tight! This is the secret to a really "bristly" bracelet! If you do not get a good tension on the wire, the daggers will look a bit floppy and not stand up as they are supposed to. However, don't pull so hard that you break the crimps or wore! Just give it enough tension to hold the daggers fairly upright. If they look a little floppy, you can give the bracelet a twist before you put it on your wrist. This will give it a little body.

Remember, if you need a longer beaded bracelet, use a slightly longer Furnace Glass bead, a slightly thicker spacer bead, or else add an extra dagger to each set of 12. You may need to experiment a bit to get the length just right. This one measures exactly 8 inches and fits my wrist a bit tight. It looks great on - not too big, not too flat - just right! 

Enjoy your Caterpillar Beaded Bracelet! 

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