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Ann Benson
Spotlight Artist

From Ann Benson, Spotlight Artist:

"I am a resident of Amherst Massachusetts, a former member of the school committee there. I have two grown daughters, one recently graduated from Macalester College (Phi Beta Kappa) and one who is a freshman at Stanford University studying Chinese language. I am engaged to my childhood sweetheart, a police officer in our hometown. I'm the author of two published novels (THE PLAGUE TALES, THE BURNING ROAD) both published by Random House. Another will be published early next year, and I am under contract for a fourth.

I have five beading books already published and am working on a sixth which will deal exclusively with surface beading, primarily beadpoint (beading on needlepoint canvas). I've been a designer of needlecrafts and beadwork for over twenty years, and have done work for such major corporations as DMC, Coats and Clark, Janlynn, Dimensions, Leisure Arts, Bucilla and many others. My main field of expertise in needlework is canvas embroidery (hence my interest in beadpoint). I built my own house (literally, with my own hands). My garden (full of peonies and irises) is my pride and joy. I am a TERRIBLE cook. I love outdoor activities, especially water sports. When I get through paying tuition, my beloved and I will settle on the water somewhere."

Ann also has a wonderful website at Beads east by Ann Benson with all of her terrific beadwork books available, including her just-relesed Beading for the First Time. While you are there, do not miss her incredible beadwork kits! Also, don't miss the special pattern, just for readers of the Beadwork.About.com site "Cactus" which uses card beading technique. For a look at the finished piece check the photo.

And if you are unfamiliar with cardbeading techniques, check Ann's Card Beading Primer for lots of great tips! Thank you for joining us for Spotlight Artist, and please join me in thanking Ann Benson for being with us! Thank you so much, Ann!

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