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Beaded Angel Babies
Complete Instructions for Making your Own

Beaded Angel Babies


6mm round imitation pearl

1 ½ inch eye-pin (silver or gold)

25 seed beads (your color choice)

26 Size 3 bugle beads OR 20 Size 4 bugle beads (your color choice)

1 foot 24 gauge craft wire

6 ½ to 7 inches 1-1 ½ inch ribbon (your color choice)

1 foot "Nymo" thread (size B or D)

8 inches gold cord

Needle-nose pliers

Wire cutters

beading needle

1. Thread imitation pearl onto eye-pin. Bend leftover length of eye-pin into a halo. Remove excess with wire cutters. Use needle-nose pliers to wrap end of wire so it is not sticking out.

2. Wrap end of craft wire onto "eye" of eye-pin. Make sure that the craft wire will not come off by wrapping through "eye" 2 times.

3. If using 3mm bugles, thread 1 bugle, one seed bead, until 8 bugles are on wire. Hold angel upside down and make sure that bugles and seed beads are flush to eye-pin. Thread end of wire through "eye" and repeat adding beads 2 more times. There should be 3 loops of beads on eye pin. These are the "dress" of angel.

4. Making sure all beads are flush to eye-pin, wrap wire 2 times around angel’s neck and cut. Use needle-nose pliers to make sure that the end of wire is not sticking out. Body and head of angel are now complete.

5. Fold ribbon into a loop. Using needle and thread, baste in and out of middle of wings using about ¼ inch (about 6 stitches). Pull thread tight so that middle of wings are ¼ inch and wrap thread around middle twice. Bring needle through the middle so that is coming out of front of wings.

6. Leaving thread and needle on wings, wrap thread around "neck" of angel. Go through wings (in and out) and wrap around neck of angel 2 more times.

7. Bring needle and thread back out of front of angel and thread as follows:

1 bugle

4 seed beads

1 Bugle

These will form the arms and hands of angel.

8. Bring thread in and out of wings and secure.

9. Tie knot at end of gold cord and thread (with knot at bottom) between wings and body of angel, with top of cord coming up from behind angels neck. Tie a loose knot behind angels head to secure cord.

10. If you want, you can glue a pin back on angel. (Using E6000 or other industrial strength glue). This way you can remove the cording and wear angel as a pin. Cord can then be added back to use as an ornament!

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